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New River Community Collge On Ramp

On Ramp: Assistance for Displaced Workers

On Ramp is an educational assistance program for individuals who have become underemployed or unemployed (e.g. company down-sizing, a homemaker returning to the workforce to support family, etc.). All tuition, related fees, books supplies are paid for through the On Ramp grant.

Many short-term learning opportunities for skills enhancement, professional certification and credentialing can be accessed in the Workforce Development training schedule that is available from the Workforce Development Office in Edwards Hall and on New River Community College's Workforce Development Web site.
Detailed information on credit courses, certificates and degrees is found in the college catalog.

On Ramp also Assists with:

  • - the college entrance process
  • - career counseling and planning
  • - the financial aid process

Who Qualifies for On Ramp Assistance?

  • Dislocated Workers who:
  • - are 18 years of age and older
  • - if male, registered with Selective Service
  • - are eligible to work in the United States
  • - have exhausted Trade Act or unemployment benefits
  • - are seeking career studies certificates or degrees
  • - have completed a FAFSA form

Get Started Today!

Contact of transitional programs for more information and assistance in putting On Ramp resources to work for you.