Student 2FAQs

  1. Q: If I have a Valid CPR card, will I still need HLT 105?
    A: You must earn two credits of health (HLT) to successfully complete the curriculum. You may elect to enroll in HLT 105 (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) or take another HLT course other than HLT 115, which is already a part of the curriculum. An appropriate course is a professional level certification (either American Heart Association Healthcare Provider or Red Cross for Professional Rescuers only) and you must present the card of the first day of class. It is important for you to know that the CPR course is offered only in October during the fall semester and that students choosing to certify via a source external to the college are responsible to maintain the certification in order to attend clinicals.

  2. Q: How do I place my name on the admissions contact list?
    A: Contact the nursing admissions advisor, in the college Admissions Office at (540) 674-3600 ext. 4206.

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  4. Q: Is part-time study possible?
    A: Yes, you can extend the program into a three or four year course of study. A significant number of students elect to do this because of multiple obligations (family, work, etc.) outside of school. You may complete all the non-nursing courses (those with the NUR pre-fix) prior to beginning the nursing courses.

  5. Q: If I am already a LPN, are there opportunities for advanced placement?
    A: The college values all levels of nursing education and is committed to reducing barriers to educational mobility. Therefore, the opportunity for advanced placement is provided for LPNs who desire to earn an associate degree in nursing. Refer to the info for LPN Advancement.

Direct any other questions to Teri Moore at: tmoore@nr.edu.