Contact Information:

Amy Hall
Emergency Coordination Officer
(540) 674-3600 ext. 4211

Joey Williams
Security Supervisor
(540) 674-3646

Dates of Interest:

Last Day to Drop Class and Receive "W" Grade
Free bluegrass and old-time concert, 6 p.m., 117 Edwards Hall
Summer Registration Begins
Fall Registration Begins

Threat Assessment: Mission

The mission of the NRCC Threat Assessment Team (TAT) is to determine if any individual (or group of individuals) posses, or reasonably may pose, a threat of violence to self, others, or the college community. Furthermore, the TAT exists to intervene to avert the threat and maintain the safety of members of the college community. Working with the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT), the TAT responds to behaviors exhibited by students, employees, and visitors to attempt to prevent violence on campus and/or at off-campus instruction sites (such as the NRV mall location).

Threat Assessment Team Members

Amy Hall, Chair

Coordinator of Emergency Planning and Special Projects

Melissa Anderson

Human Resources Officer

Tom Ciappina

Licensed Professional Counselor

Angie Covey

Executive Director, NRCC Educational Foundation

Jim Davis

Sheriff, Pulaski County

Pat Huber

Vice President for Instruction and Student Services

Tony Nicolo

Facilities Services Manager

Mark Rowh

Vice President for Workforce Development and External Relations

Don Stowers

Assistant Director, Accountability in Student Learning Program

Fritz Streff

Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research

John Van Hemert

Vice President for Finance and Technology

Jill Williams

Director of Accountability in Student Learning Program

Feel free to contact us for more information about emergency preparedness at NRCC.