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Behavioral Intervention: Mission

The mission of the NRCC Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is to provide a systematic and professional response to instances where students’ behavior is disruptive or counterproductive for self, fellow students, or the college community. The BIT is tasked with reviewing, collaborating, and addressing reports fromstudents, faculty, and staff, and intervene where appropriate. Working with the NRCC Threat Assessment Team (TAT), any BIT member can “escalate” an issue from behavioral intervention to threat.

Interventions may include advising or referral with the goal of restoring the student to productive academic status. The BIT is non-punitive in nature and not a disciplinary body. Any official sanctions imposed by the college will be issued by the Threat Assessment Team when behavioral inventions fail and a danger to the individual, his/her fellow students, or other members of the campus community is present.

Behavioral Intervention Team Members

Deborah Kennedy, Chair

Dean of Student Services

Peggy Dunn


Lucy Howlett

Counselor/Disability Services Coordinator

Rod Reedy


Feel free to contact us for more information about emergency preparedness at NRCC.