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48 students named to ‘Who’s Who among Students in American Junior Colleges’


Forty-eight New River Community College students were named to “Who’s Who among Students in American Junior Colleges.” These students were recognized at the recent President’s Awards Ceremony at NRCC in Dublin.

They are:

From Montgomery County: Ameen S. Ahmed, Michael J. Flaherty, Jacqueline Hunt, Christel A. Kemp, Lori A. Miller, Cecile G. Newcomb, Joshua T. Pelletier, Logan L. Price, Jessica F. Scott, Carolyn R. Sanders, Marvin “M.J.” Silcott, Christopher A. Tyree and Joshua L. Wilson.

From Pulaski County: Megan Altizer, Jamie K. Anderson, Kimberly D. Brewer, Jenna D. Chrisley, Kari B. Chrisley, Bradley S. Clark, Brenda A. Dalton, Kevin E. Dayton, Jr., Tina H. Hosey, Leann Phillips, Cody W. Slaughter, Amber E. Slusser.

From Radford: Aster K. Birri, Franklin E. Brooks, Heather S. Buchinsky, Alula G. Dechassa, Amanuel T. Dereb, Harenet H. Gebrechni, Julia R. Girardi, Melat T. Habtemichael, Rachel R. Hamby, Erika LeonGuerrero, Sara N. Tadesse, Crystal M. Wiltsee.

From Floyd County: Kristina A. Bousserghine, Mary E. Nissley.

From Giles County: Benjamin M. Broyles, Jon T. Cheek, Sherri A. Gallagher, Jay K. Pappas, Afton G. Quesenberry, Jessica D. Whittaker, Mary E. Yoder.

From Carroll County: Deanna L. Smith

From New Castle, VA: Seth K. Clemens

In order to be named to Who’s Who, students must have a 3.5 or higher grade point average, have completed 30 semester credits or more at NRCC or another Virginia community college, and must be currently enrolled at NRCC in a two-year curriculum. Additionally, these students have provided service to the community and leadership in extracurricular activities. They are named to Who’s Who only once while at NRCC.

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