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Language training available at NRCC


Learning another language is a personal goal for many. For others, language training is an on-the-job necessity. When the need for language training arises, New River Community College’s World Languages Institute (WLI) has a way to fill it.

The Institute began two years ago, offering online college credit language classes such as Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Russian supported by a special arrangement with Northern Virginia Community College. Since then, more than 200 students have taken advantage of WLI offerings.

In addition to these ongoing college credit offerings, the Institute also offers non-credit options in conjunction with online learning provider ed2go. These online courses run for six-weeks and include subjects such as Beginning Conversational French, Conversational Japanese, Instant Italian and Spanish for Law Enforcement.

The Institute also offers flexible, non-credit options for business, industry and non-profit organizations. “These courses can be customized to meet specific needs – a crucial point for many organizations,” says Dr. Mark Rowh, NRCC’s vice president for workforce development and external relations.

“Often, organizations need courses designed a certain way or offered in a more condensed time frame than a typical language course,” says Rowh. “And that’s something the World Languages Institute is equipped to provide.”

More information about WLI college credit courses is available by contacting Linda Claussen at 540-674-3600, ext. 4364.

More details about ed2go courses at NRCC may be found by visiting .

For further information about customized language training for business, industry and non-profit organizations, contact Rowh at 540-674-3600, ext. 4241.

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