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For Immediate Release

NRCC to offer seven Advanced Learners Program classes for spring 2014


New River Community Collegeís growing Advanced Learners Program (ALP) will offer seven distance education courses for the spring 2014 semester. New courses in IT Systems Analysis and Design, Advanced Creative Writing and Applied Calculus will be offered along with returning courses in Race and Ethnicity, History and Appreciation of Art, Math for the Liberal Arts and Music Appreciation.

In IT Systems Analysis and Design, students will focus on the application of information technologies to system life cycle methodology, analysis, design and implementation practices. Methodologies related to identification of information requirements and feasibility in the areas of economic, technical, and social requirements are also included in the course.

Advanced Creative Writing will offer students the chance to write several works including poetry, short stories, non-fiction essays and plays. They will also learn about the process of submitting written work for publication and submit some of their own pieces.

Applied Calculus will present limits, continuity, differentiation of algebraic and transcendental functions with applications, and an introduction to integration. This course will also cover related Microsoft Excel functions.

Race and Ethnicity is a sociology course that will focus on investigating minorities such as racial and ethnic groups while also addressing social and economic conditions that promote prejudice, racism, discrimination and segregation.

History and Appreciation of Art presents the history and interpretation of architecture, sculpture and painting. The course begins with prehistoric art and follows the development of western civilization to the present.
Math for the Liberal Arts will present topics in the areas of sets, logic, numeration systems, geometric systems and elementary computer concepts.

Music Appreciation will increase the variety and depth of the studentís interest, knowledge and involvement in music and related cultural activities. The course will also acquaint the student with traditional and twentieth century music literature, emphasizing the relationship music has as an art form with man and society.

New River Valley teachers should check with their school board offices to approve taking these courses for recertification credit.

NRCC students interested in applying for the Advanced Learners Program may contact Dr. Paige Cash at 674-3600, ext. 4446, or visit her office in Godbey 47 to pick up an application.

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