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Appalachian literature, modern drama highlighted in English courses at NRCC


Among New River Community College’s fall 2012 English course offerings will be two classes that take students’ critical reading and writing skills in a different direction.

“Appalachian Literature” will be taught by Ben Campbell and “The Modern Drama” will be taught by Dr. Samuel Olorounto.

The Modern Drama will be offered as a distance education course and seeks to expand the student’s knowledge of modern dramatic literature, its development and its influence on contemporary theater and film. Students will have the opportunity to compose essays including their personal insights into what constitutes modern drama in theme, structure, language and setting.

Appalachian literature will be offered at the college in Dublin on Tuesday nights from 6 to 9 p.m. and will examine the works of notable authors from the eight-state Southern Appalachian region.

Students can expect to examine fiction, nonfiction and poetry from a wide variety of Appalachian authors (both past and present) and discover the unique history and culture of the area along with exploring contemporary Appalachian issues.

The course will also offer students a chance to create some of their own “Appalachian” literature in the form of poems and short stories.

Fall class registration is going on now and classes begin Monday, August 27. To see the fall semester class schedule, visit .

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