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NRCC to offer spreadsheet course for small businesses


Small businesses make use of spreadsheets to log inventory, organize mailing lists and keep track of sales. But despite their advantages, spreadsheets can often become complex and confusing as businesses grow and expand. To help small businesses optimize their use of spreadsheets, New River Community College is offering a workshop entitled “Making Spreadsheets Work for Small Businesses.”

This workshop will be offered on two dates: Tuesday, March 20, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at NRCC’s New River Valley Mall site in Christiansburg and Thursday, March 22, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at NRCC in Dublin.

Participants will learn a variety of tips designed to make spreadsheets easier to manage. Focus areas include keeping data, inventory and various lists for small businesses and using database functions in Microsoft Excel including sort, filter, calculations, and data and what-if analyses. The course will also explore the use of pivot tables, trending and performance measures and ways to protect sensitive spreadsheet data.

The class will be instructed by Dr. Jeanne Symanoskie, a corporate trainer for NRCC. Symanoskie’s background includes 10 years experience teaching in various settings including the Fairfax County Public Schools, Anne Arundel Community College in Maryland and the University of Georgia. She also owned and operated the Blacksburg area restaurant Log Cabin BBQ for three years. In addition to her present training work with NRCC, Symanoskie serves as web journal editor for the Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences Education.

The workshop fee will be $25. However, individuals who register for either class by Thursday, March 15, will receive a discount and may enroll for only $18.

To register, contact New River Community College’s Office of Workforce Development at 540-674-3617.

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