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Seventy students placed on NRCC Presidentís and Deanís Lists


Seventy students have been honored for their academic excellence at New River Community College for summer 2011.

To be placed on the Presidentís List, a student must have taken 12 college-level semester hours or more, attained a grade point average of 3.5 for any one semester, and earned a minimum of 20 semester hours at New River Community College. A Deanís List student is one who has taken 12 college-level semester hours of credit or more and attained a grade point average of 3.2 for any one semester.

Those named to the Presidentís List are:

Montgomery County: Zenbaba Asfaw, Meaza Assefa, Judy Chesler, Kwang Woo Chun, Helen Cooley, Melissa Devore, Ledya Gobena, Minsung Ha, Jae Yeon Kim, Christopher King, Jeffrey Miller, Adam Munger, Harmila Solomon, Tammie Wade, Joseph Wilkins, Shannon Winkle and Tewodros Woldesemayat.

Floyd County: Manfred Nissley and Pamela Rutherford.

Giles County: Martha Poe, Charles Quesenberry, Zachary Ratcliffe and Cynthia Stafford.

Pulaski County: Patricia Arnold, Tina Cassell, Kimberly Cook, Joshua Duncan, Tammy Higley, Rebekah Lee, Kayla Melvin, Maleena Stephens, Margaret Tabor and Teresa Trail.

Radford: Sara Alamrew, Negese Bekele, Alula Dechassa, Asli Derib, Alazar Fedlu, Roger Lane, Jesse Lineberry, Amanda Mills, Morgan Neel, Shimelis Roba, Keona Shelor and Godana Yacob.

Wythe County: Thomas Lephew, Cameron Nye, Allison Smelser and Patricia White-Davis.

Carroll County: Melissa Robinson.

Grayson County: Brian Davis and Evelyn Miller.

Those named to the Deanís List are:

Montgomery County: Bhavya Chopra, Amanda Huff, Kelly Kitts, Shuang Liu, Amy Loan, Pooja Miskin and Carolyn Rogers.

Floyd County: Lynn Carden.

Giles County: Sherry Townsend and Matthew Yost.

Pulaski County: Ashley Earles and Sandra Hash.

Radford: Amber Akers and SeungHoo Yoo.

Wythe County: Emily Lephew.

Carroll County: Aaron Keith.

Charlottesville: Milan Patel.

Roanoke: Jeffrey Wardach.

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