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Radford residents placed on NRCC Presidentís and Deanís lists


Fifty-six Radford residents have been honored for their academic excellence at New River Community College for fall semester 2008.

To be placed on the Presidentís List, a student must have taken 12 semester hours or more, attained a grade point average of 3.5 for any one semester, and earned a minimum of 20 semester hours at New River Community College. A Deanís List student is one who has taken 12 semester hours of credit or more and attained a grade point average of 3.2 for any one semester.

Those named to the Presidentís List include: Angela Akers, Shane Bassett, Andrew Black, Steven Boone, Michael Charon, Crystal Cultice, Ashley Franklin, Timothy Gautier, Mitiku Gelagai, Amanda Griffith, Andrea Hammond, Mina Hailegeorgis, Joshua Harrell, Jacob Harvey, Corey Hedge, Heather Hedge, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Sanjay Kishore, Elizabeth Langowsky, Kaitlyn Lemon, Rachel Lillard, John Long, Samantha Newcome, Rita Nunley, Bethany Rice, Brandy Simpkins, Cameron Sonnenberg and David Wade.

Those named to the Deanís List include: Million Abate, Melinda Anderson, Talitha Anderson, Joseph Britt, Abbi Carrico, Alexander Crestfield, Ronald Davis, Stephen Dolan, Jesse Frazier, Echoe Griffith, Megan Guzewicz, Sarah Haile, Travis Hanna, Ashley Haussmann, Walter Jaronski, Barbara Johnson, Melissa Kittinger, Holly McAllister, Amanda McManus, David Payne, Heather Ratliff, Sarah Pearman, Romina Rojas-Pereira, Lindsay Sable, Kristen Sarrge, Shafaq Sarwar, Roy Sebester and Katie Wigginton.

New River Community College is located in Dublin and is one of the Commonwealthís 23 community colleges.

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