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Over 120 students awarded NRCC Foundation scholarships


Over 120 area students are attending New River Community College this academic year with help from scholarships through the NRCC Educational Foundation. The foundation awards scholarships of up to $1,000 to qualified students. They are made possible through generous donations from individuals, families, businesses, non-profit organizations and other friends of the college. The awards are based on criteria such as financial need and scholastic achievement and are available to individuals who are enrolled in specific programs. Most scholarship recipients are residents of the New River Valley, maintain a class load of at least 12 credits, and maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least a 3.0 (a B average).

The student scholarship recipients and the scholarship benefactors will meet October 11 during the collegeís annual Foundation Scholarship Brunch which will be held at New River Community College in Edwards Hall.

The scholarships and the students receiving them are:
Floyd County-
Bank of America Scholarship: Lori Price; Bob and Cornelia Dobyns Scholarship: Richard Chaffin; Alex M. Harman Jr. Scholarship: Anahi Alegria and Crystal Yeatts; Odell and Novella Mayberry Scholarship: Ashlee McAlexander; W.E.C. Moore Scholarship: Lorine Hawks; Les and Joyce Pugh Scholarship: Magen Farmer, Madeline Hill, Lorenzo Rios and Katie Spangler; and Simmons Family Scholarship: Trisha Gibson and Alexander Wirt.

Giles County-
William M. Anderson Scholarship: Mallory Leslie; Jack and Martha Bolt Scholarship: Kristen Warren; Celanese Corporation Scholarship: Ashley Robertson; CELCO Federal Credit Union Scholarship: Danielle Booth; Alex M. Harman Scholarship: Deborah Mullins; Ann and H.W. Huff Jr. Scholarship: Logan Snider; Robert J. Ingram Scholarship: Eric Vaught; Katz Family Scholarship: Stacy Smith; Charlene Doby Kilgore Memorial Scholarship: Desiree McCrockey;NRCC Alumni Association Scholarship: Kayla Dickerson; NRCC Board of Directors Scholarship: Jesse Bly; NRV Emergency Squad Scholarship: Melissa Minnick and Frances Stilwell; W.E.C. Moore Scholarship: Sarah Hamblin; Carol C. Powell Scholarship: Brittany Moye; James W. Robertson Memorial Scholarship: Janette DiRico; Grace Eva Mabry Tawes Scholarship: Ernest Long; and E. Pierce Whitman Scholarship: Rebecca Poe.

Montgomery County-
Bane and Margaret Atkinson Scholarship: Sara Arthur; Bane Atkinson Blacksburg Rotary Scholarship: Ervin Plumbi; Stuart Beville Blacksburg Rotary Vocational Scholarship: Erika Fifer; H.T. Bowling Scholarship: Linda Jessie; Fred N. Cole Scholarship: Kimberly Wright; Corning Incorporated Scholarship: Aaron Tucker; Deeda Scholarship: Whitney Kingery; L.T. Dudley Scholarship: Maria Newsome; Eagle-Picher Automotive (Wolverine) Scholarship: Amber Akers; William Howell Elmore Memorial Scholarship: Michael James; First National Bank Scholarship: Donna Proctor; Alex M. Harman Scholarship: Trista Brown, Laura Carroll, Melissa Crowder and Lori Graham; Ed and Pierrette Huber Scholarship: William Blevins; Odell and Novella Mayberry Scholarship: Susan Estep; Jane O. McCarthy Scholarship: Tessa Sarvay; Thomas J. McCarthy Sr. Memorial Scholarship: Jennifer Bowen; Duane M. Mills Scholarship: Joe Diamond; Moore Family Scholarship: Amanda Horton; Joseph Moore Memorial Scholarship: Justin Kelly; W.E.C. Moore Scholarship: Michael Maxwell; Burke Mottesheard Criminal Justice Scholarship: Cyril Tynes; National Bank of Blacksburg Scholarship: Doris Purcell; Office of Planning and Advancement Scholarship: Melinda Wilson; James W. Robertson Memorial Scholarship: Kimberly Carden; Daniel J. Rooker Scholarship: Roncs Ese-Etame; Paul and Roberta Steele Scholarship: Rebecca Hunt-Ford; V.E. (Jack) Vaughn Scholarship: Kayla F. Bishop; and Jeanne B. Whitman Scholarship: Kathryn Shanks.

Pulaski County -
Fred N. Cole Scholarship: Christopher Denny; Richard Allison and Martha Snow Dobyns Memorial Scholarship: Carine Callo; Dublin Lions Club Scholarship: Cora Simpkins; Randall and Anna Edwards Scholarship: Tasha Ratcliffe; L. Brinkley Eure Scholarship: Laura Angle; Thomas Jefferson Gates Memorial Scholarship: Richard Lorton; Bill Hale Memorial Scholarship: Cara Wood; Carol Thomas Hancock Scholarship: Jennifer Bowman; Alex M. Harman Scholarship: Casey Bentley, Heather Davis, Rachel Hayes and Melissa Jarrells; Rachel Mable Hendricks Memorial Scholarship: Karen Graham; Ann and H.W. Huff Jr. Scholarship: Amanda Edwards, Whitney Gray, Samantha Hall and Jonathan Spence; H.W. Huff Jr. Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship: Amanda Allen; Alice Webb Johnson Scholarship: Deana McGlothin; Wilson, Lura and Jerry Kilgore Memorial Scholarship: Kayla Stultz; Hiawatha and Beverly Nicely Scholarship: Michael Bolt and Kayla Branch; NRV Charitable Trust Scholarship: Kenneth Warden; James W. Robertson Memorial Scholarship: Melissa Jackson and Cherish Quesenberry; Lulu Eliza Rooker Memorial Scholarship: Heather Martin; Philip Sadler Memorial Scholarship Scholarship: Candace White; Catherine Harman Smith Memorial Scholarship: Kathy Young; Helen Gregory Smith Scholarship: Amanda Loker; Volvo Trucks North America Scholarship: Tanner Blankenship; Wachovia Bank Scholarship: Candice Davis; Lee and Anne Wheeler Scholarship: Markie Trivett; Thomas E. Worrell Jr. Scholarship: Toni Sayers; Everett Lee Yearout Jr. Scholarship: Jacob Whited.

City of Radford-
AT&T Scholarship: Kathryn Shepheard; O.G. and Ella Bailey Memorial Scholarship: Megan Tatman; Barnes Family Scholarship: Myles Cadwell; Edwin L. Barnes Faculty/Staff Scholarship: Amy Stanley; Carilion St. Albans Psychiatric R.N. Scholarship: Priscilla Donahue; Gary Clark Scholarship: Eyerusalem Sherka; Betty and Bill Elmore Scholarship: Stephany Ratcliffe; Howard and Mary B. Gilmer Scholarship: Meagan Jarrells; Alex M. Harman Scholarship: Joanna Collins, Delilah Marey, Mary Smith; Albertis Harrison Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Netsanet Nigatu; Elizabeth Huber Memorial Scholarship: Amanda Altizer; Huff Petroleum Scholarship: Brandon Thompson; William and Sallie Ingles Memorial Scholarship: Kaitlin Myers; Claud K. and Virginia R. Kirkland Scholarship: Terri Thompson; Melvin G. Mabry Scholarship: Brandon Comer; James G. Manns Scholarship: Aaron Chamberlin; Odell and Novella Mayberry Scholarship: Andrey Bowers; W.E.C. Moore Scholarship: Travis Nichols; NRCC Board of Directors Scholarship: Steven Boone; NRV Charitable Trust Scholarship: Jessica Garrett; Les and Joyce Pugh Scholarship: Amity Dewey; Bethany Lorraine Richter Rooker Scholarship: Ann Marie Farley; Marion W. Rose Scholarship: Carla Berry; Archa and Marjorie H. Vaughan Scholarship: T.J. Ratliff; Marjorie Hope Harman Vaughan Memorial Scholarship: Hubertien Seacrest.

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