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Community College Awareness Month: Top 5 Mistakes People Make in Career Planning


1. Not having a plan: This may seem obvious but people often let circumstances drive their career planning versus having career planning create their circumstances. Donít underestimate the time and diligence it takes to pursue goals.

2. Going for the job and not the career: People often focus too narrowly on one occupation rather than developing skills that will transfer across occupations within a career field.

3. Not keeping skills current: The speed of technology is now affecting practically every career field. Keep your mind engaged and your career options open by understanding and seeking opportunities to learn and grow.

4. Underestimating the importance of personality, people skills, and integrity in gaining, maintaining and progressing in employment: Seeking out role models and mentors is always helpful. You can find them at school, social and community organizations, places of worship, at home, and more. See how they can help you reach your goals with a combination of people and professional skills.

5. Pursuing careers that arenít in demand: Know your local industries. Want to live in a warm, sunny paradise? Then donít specialize in the winter apparel market. Looking to raise your family in the small town where you grew up? Then familiarize yourself with the high-demand occupations in that area so you know the skills you need to succeed.
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