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Louise Billaud, Instructor

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GV 1624 A7 T35 Talking Feet
GV 1719.G92 W47 West African Dance
GV 1728.F93 L36 Languages of Sound & Movement: Pearls From the Sea
GV 1743.E83 Ethnic Dance Around the World
GV 1743.M85 Multicultural Folk Dance
GV 1790.S62


GV 1790.S87 S926 Swan Lake
LB 1115.M87 Music and Movement
M 784.4 R92 Russian Songs From the War Years
M 1002.M3 B55 Mazeppa: An Inspirational Living Legend
M 1016.B47 2005 Bernard Greenhouse at Wigmore Hall
M 1270.F76 From the 50 Yard Line
M 1630.I8.W55 Wild Women Don't Have the Blues
M 1824.I53 I85 Island of Temples (Bali-isle of Temples)
M 1500.B4 2000 The Beggar's Opera
M 1500.C375 1999 Carmen
M 1500.G537 E56 Einstain on the Beach: The Changing Image of Opera
M 1500.M389 C32 Cavalleria Rusticana
M 1500.M46 M43 The Medium
M 1500.M54 C66 The Consul
M 1500.M87 B67 Boris Godunov
M 1500.M93 Mozart's Le Nozze Di Figaro (opera in 4 acts)
M 1500.M94 Z2 The Magic Flute
M 1500.M96 K45 Khovanshchina
M 1500.O32 C66 Some Tales of Hoffman
M 1500.P98 D78 Dido & Aeneas
M 1500.S331 A23 The Abduction of Figaro
M 1500.V2 M984 Vangelis Mythodea
M 1500.V47 F6 La Forza Del Destino
M 1500.W3 R5 Der Ring Des Nibelungen
ML 338.M8 Music of India
ML 338.R497 Rhythms of Nirvana
ML 350.D86 Dundun, the Talking Drum
ML 350.L57 Listen To the Silence: African Cross Rhythms
ML 397.A78 1999 The Art of Piano: Great Pianists of the 20th Century
ML 410.B4 M28 Beethoven's Hair
ML 410.G75 E33 Edvard Grieg: What Price Immortality?
ML 410.H1745 P67 Portrait of Marvin Hamlisch (Scoring films: Marvin Hamlisch)
ML 410.H562 F5 The Film Music of Bernard Hermann
ML 410.K43 K43 Khachaturian
ML 410.R6318 S5 Shadows & Light: Joaquin Rodrigo at 90
ML 410.S283 M982 My War Years: Arnold Schoenberg
ML 410.S53 W37 The War Symphonies: Shostakovich Against Stalin
ML 420.H36 B37 Barbara Hendricks: Artist of Life
ML 420.H97 I5 In Concert
ML 661.N7 N68 Note By Note: The Makin gof a Steinway L1037
ML 857.A78 200 The Art of Violin: A Film
ML 1015.G9 G844 The Guitar
ML 1500.P8 B67 La Boheme
ML 1571.C4 P473 Performing Arts of China: Instruments and Music
ML 2517.B84 Buenos Aires: The Tango, One Hundred Years
ML 3551.A93 An Audio Visual History of American Folk Music
ML 3760.J832 The Smithsonian Folkways Video Anthology of Music & Dance of Africa
MT 22.D35 Dalcroze Eurhythmics
MT 90.R6346 2005 The Planets
NX 456.T94 2002 Twentieth-Century Artistic Revolutions
PN 1995.9 E96 K68 Koyaanisqatsi ("Life Out of Balance)
PN 1995.9 .E96 N36 Naqoyqatsi
PN 1995.9.E96 P59 Powaqqatsi
PN 1997.F3 Fantasia 2000