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Legal Research

talking with students One of the most important functions of the legal professional is the ability to find the most up to date status of the law concerning a client’s case. Here at NRCC, our library contains hard copies of several research tools such as American Jurisprudence, the Annotated Code of Virginia and Michie's Jurisprudence, which is the most thorough legal research tool for Virginia law, both civil and criminal. In addition, we are proud to offer each student enrolled in the program a web based research tool with access on campus and at home. 

The administration at NRCC has been very supportive of the program and the curriculum. To this end, the administration has funded the purchase of a subscription to Loislaw,  a premier Internet legal research company. This investment in the Paralegal Studies department is truly an investment in our students as well.

Tommy in class“Lois” allows our student to access the statutes, cases, court rules, administrative regulations and legislative acts of all 50 states as well as those of the federal government. The system is very user friendly and is providing a wealth of knowledge, skill and the use of technology to our future legal professionals.

As our enrollment expands, we hope to put additional web based and traditional tools to use in order to further advance ability and student achievement in the study of law and its application in today’s modern setting.