Questions Answered About Christiansburg Site

Dear Students,

As the NRCC Student Government representative from the Christiansburg site, I have had questions brought to my attention. These questions pertain to the lounge, library, study area, microwave, vending machines, and student activities.

I first spoke to Ben Kramer, Activities Counselor for the Dublin and Christiansburg sites. He said “both sites in the fall semester were pretty much equal in the amount of events that were held at Christiansburg as there were at the Dublin site.” Ben also told me that “the funding for this semester will be added soon, and so there have not been any events scheduled at this time.” Construction in the lounge has also delayed any event scheduling. With regard to activities and sports at the Christiansburg site, Ben would like suggestions from students concerning interests in starting clubs or teams that could hold events that would be between Dublin and Christiansburg. Winning teams or top members from both sites would go against teams from other schools in the area. Please tell Ben and I so that we can begin working on them.

Regarding mall vending machines, there is an agreement between the Mall management office and NRCC Mall site that no food vending machines would be placed near the food court. Vendors there have made a big commitment to provide food for the public, and it is important we do not place machines in the same area. Vending machines are located throughout the mall -only a short walk away in most directions. Placing a microwave at the mall site is a problem, because of the lack of available space, and no extra place to house or eat the prepared food. Carrie Hopkins Coordinator of Off-campus Services asked that I express the need for the student body to consume all food and drinks in the food court and not at the computer stations or classrooms. Food spills can hurt or damage people and equipment at the mall site.

Carrie Hopkins shared that the ability to have a Lounge, study area, or a library at the Christiansburg site is not possible yet due to the lack of available space for such facilities. While we spoke, Hopkins asked me to remind the student body that we can request books online from our library, and they will be sent to the mall through the campus mail system.

If I can help in any other way, feel free to email me at therzog0002@email.vccs. edu.

SGA Senator & Mall Site Student,

Tim Herzog

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