Budget Issues

Finance is a scary subject these days, but NRCC continues surviving. Our college has an annual 18 million dollar budget, 10 million of which comes from the General Assembly of the Virginia Community College System. 8 million originates from tuition.

Over the past two years the college has had a 5% cut in the budget each year. This amounts to 1 million dollars. According to Dr. Mark Rowh, Vice President of Planning and Advancement, said this loss has not been noticed by the students because the college has planned for losses. Our college refuses to fill unnecessary positions on campus and persistently moniters its budget.

Many students have asked why the school can install new signs and renovate the lounge while the tuition prices keep rising. Money for these projects comes from a different fund that cannot be spent on other items. These grants contain specific purposes and circumstances.

This year President Barack Obama’s Stimulus Plan halted proposed cuts for 2009. According to Rowh, “the main thing that most students need to remember is that the budget for an institution as large as New River is very complicated and has many limitations.”

About Sarah Polan

Sarah Polan entered New River Community College in the summer of 2008 at age 16 after being homeschooled her entire life. She had already been a member of the Roanoke Times "Edge" staff for two years at that point. Sarah came to New River with the dream of rebuilding the long forgotten school newspaper and with the help and encouragement of Janet Hanks and the IT staff, the online Knight Rider was born. Sarah has served as editor and contributing writer for three semesters and continues to coordinate and produce the e-paper biweekly. She also edits an on-line national publication for the Boy Scouts of America Southern Region Venturing division and will be contributing an article to the nationally published Scouting magazine blog. She has also provided a student blog post to the student organization VA21. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys traveling in search of her dream college which she will transfer to next year.
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2 Responses to Budget Issues

  1. Pierce says:

    Why is the complexity of a large institution’s budget the main thing to remember?

  2. Pierce,

    In order to understand your question, you first have to understand what is involved with the large institution’s budget. Take some accounting classes, and think about the complexities involved in the simplest of accounting classes, 211 and 212. It’s redonkulous, dude.

    Good luck to you.