Academic Advising, or, You’ll Never Walk Alone

Advisor, (ad-vis-or), n., person who signs your graduation application.

For the vast majority of New River students, an academic advisor is a shadowy figure. Students know they have an advisor, but aren’t sure why, and sometimes aren’t sure who that person is. Degree-seeking students often see their advisor for the first time when they bring in an application for graduation, and non-degree students sometimes never see their advisors.

The reality, though, is that an academic advisor can make your life and scheduling so much easier. An advisor can talk to you about classes, suggesting courses that match your personality, and sometimes help you choose the right section and the right instructor for your learning style. Your advisor can help you stay on track within your curriculum, and keep you from missing important courses. Advisors can answer questions about transferring, and if they don’t know the answers, they know people who do.

In a perfect world, your advisor would be in touch with you right after you registered for classes your first semester, but it doesn’t always work that way. Make sure you update your contact information when you log onto “My Accounts,” so your advisor can find you. Advisors are thrilled to hear from advisees, too, so don’t hesitate to make the first contact. Office hours are posted on your advisor’s door, and with the division secretaries, so you can choose a time to stop by and introduce yourself.

Many pitfalls await the self-advised student on the road to graduation, but your advisor can help you dodge them. Don’t walk alone – see your advisor soon!

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