Flash Game Reviews

All of today’s flash game productions are presented from Newgrounds.com.

Ultimate Crab Battle!

•In The Ultimate Crab Battle you play as a young boy riding a laser eyed, rocket shooting torpedo blasting shark whose sole goal is to destroy the evil crab king.
•Whether it is the music box, water-sucking, eel-claw transforming crab or super-man shark, there is something in this game to give most everyone a good laugh.
•This is a great game to blow 15 minutes away! Oh! and it doesn’t hurt to touch the crab, trust me you’ll need to.

Mecha Martyr

•In Mecha Martyr you play as a flying grenade throwing gun turret. Throughout the game you have upgrades every minute. As you upgrade you transform into this awesome, spikey, gun-nosed seahorse thing. The only point is to blow up everything.
•This is a nice action title that has satisfying results in the upgrades, except on the grenades, and visual appeal.
•However, once fully upgraded the game gets dull after a few levels.
•Oh, by the way, the game never ends. After becoming bored I would just quit.
•This is a great way to blow 9-18 minutes

Epic War & Epic war 2

•In Epic War & Epic War 2 you start as the human race in an arrow/demonic defense type game gaining skills and new characters are you level, slowly working your way to the chaotic enemy that wishes to destroy all.
•Although you start as human, eventually you are able to play as elves and orcs later in the game.
•I would suggest getting the race you really like and UPGRADE that race until you’re satisfied, because once you finish the game, there will be little motivation to restart and upgrade the other races.
•Play time is at least a coupe of hours. This is a LONG game. Unless you play on a laptop or home computer, do not expect to get too far in the game. This is a game you need to come back to.

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