The SGA Update

Here are the SGA’s current projects and their progress.

President Melissa Kittinger-Surratt continues to clean around NRCC, throwing discarded trash in the garbage can. She also states that the mentorship program, a group of people who offer general support, lacks volunteer interest, but will continue supporting it until change occurs. Kittinger-Surratt has expressed interest in assisting the creation of a food pantry, and idea sprung by Mindy Anderson and Alicia Woods, something which will give students free food under someone’s discretion.

[Editor’s Note: The food Pantry is an idea that is still in progress. The program has not yet been approved.]

Vice President Emily Polan said she is “mainly in the research and gather materials stage of [bringing vegetarian options to our vending machines].” Polan continued, “Sometime in late March or early April, look for some vegetarian activism in the lounge!”

Secretary Meagan Willis has denied that she will hold weekly town hall meetings, saying, “Believe it or not it is a lot of work to pull together everything and everyone. I do not have the time to do all the work every week.” Willis confirmed that she would lead a meeting on March 24th, though she admitted “it didn’t seem to be very important to students last semester.” When asked about other potential projects, Willis said “I do not really want to mention other projects at this time. I don’t want to say I will do something and then not do it for whatever reason.”

In an attempt to refine communication between the SGA and students, Senator Jason Surratt has released a survey. The survey asks students what reporting methods are best for the SGA to utilize. Surratt also aspires to create and sponsor student activities, particularly within golf.

Treasurer James Kittinger has continued interviewing students with Stacy Gibbs’ and Meagan Willis’ assistance. He stated, “I am also doing the St. Patrick’s Day costume contest being held on Friday March 13th, 2009 in the student lounge from 12:00pm to 12:30 [and] there will be three prizes given for best costume.”

Senator Cameron Sonnenburg has investigated NRCC’s lack of security. After revealing the mall site has all the essential wiring for security cameras, he admitted uncovering little about NRCC’s campus. Sonnenburg said, “One thing I’ve discovered is that security is not a high priority for NRCC’s officials.” Between the lounge renovation and buying new computers, affording a safer school takes a back seat. Sonnenburg also expressed interest in volunteering to help install security cameras.

Senator Stacy Gibbs and Student Aid Kristi Crawford are co-captains of a Relay for Life team. Concerning advertisement, Gibbs said, “We will hold interest meetings for the student body on Wed 2/25 (1:00 pm) and Thu 2/26 (2:00 pm).”

Senator Joey Sclafani has not chosen a project yet.

Senator Tim Herzog said, “I haven’t worked on the transportation project yet this semester.” He conveys that weather and illness have interrupted his efforts. Herzog, recently appointed representative of the mall site, added, “I’ve had Ben send out a email letting people know that I’m on campus to field all of the C’burg questions and concerns. I’ve already received the first email and have started addressing their concerns.” When asked about these concerns, Herzog refused to relate them because “they are not something that I can talk about until I have answers to the problems.”

“Tim and I are discussing times, because he has another time allotment he thinks will work and I didn’t get time to talk to him fully Monday [Feb 9] about it all,” confessed Senator Aundrea Scott. Concerning the transit system which will drive between NRCC’s mall site and campus, Scott said, “I’ll email you as soon as I talk to him since he is doing the legwork of this project having prior knowledge of VT’s bus system and people he knows helping with this.” Since this statement was made, February 12th, an email has not been sent to the Knight Rider regarding this topic.

Senator Sarah Polan said she is “working to gather a contingency from New River to attend VA21 events in Richmond,” adding, “I have gained permission from Mark Rowh to continue and I am now in the planning stages.” VA21 is a group which lobbies for student related issues such as lower textbook prices.

Senator Chris Henley could not be reached for a comment.


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2 Responses to The SGA Update

  1. melissa says:

    Sean: The girls that have the Idea for the food pantry is Mindy Anderson and Alicia Woods, when we spoke I gave you their names.

  2. Aundrea says:

    readers there is more information about the bus transit system:: There will be a survey coming out in the next few weeks in regards to your feelings about getting a bus shuttle from the Dublin campus to Christiansburg. Currently Tim Herzog, the man helping me with this project, has been ill but we are working hard to get this survey ready in a timely fashion and released for you to answer. From there we will deliver the responses to those in the school’s administrative body to let your opinions be known about the shuttle.

    How the survey will be distributed to the student body Tim and myself have discussed options and will finalize all very soon. We both have different class and work times along with other personal projects(Tim’s Cans for Gas and mine being the the College Democrats for America chapter) we are tending to but the transit system is one that we ARE working towards and we want to get times and dates for things to start or project to start so you the student body are well informed on options and give us feedback.