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….that the origins of Valentine’s day are uncertain, but there are several legends that may help clear up the story of the holiday of love.  According to one legend, during the third century in Rome, Emperor Claudius II determined that unmarried soldiers were superior and he proclaimed it illegal for young men of army age to be married.  A priest named Valentine continued performing marriage ceremonies for young potential soldiers in defiance of the Emperor’s wishes.  Claudius II had Valentine killed for his disobedience.

Other stories portray Valentine as a rebel who tried to help Christians escape the horrors of Roman prisons as well as a lover himself who sent a greeting to a girl while he was a prisoner, signing it “From Your Valentine”.

The timing of Valentine’s day to mid-February is associated with a variety of reasons, ranging from Pagan spring cleaning rituals to the beginning of the bird mating season.

Regardless of its origins, Valentine’s Day has evolved into a huge commercial venture, with many florists receiving one forth of their annual business in the week preceding February 14th.  Whether you choose flowers, candy, a teddy bear or just a big kiss, remember you are celebrating a custom that has emerged over hundreds of years.

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