Bride Wars: A Two View Movie Review


Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Liv (Kate Hudson), two children suffering from Best Friend Forever disorder, attend a wedding during childhood. They both lose speech, awed by the glamor of a wedding. Fascination becomes fantasy when they both cement a dream: have a frameworthy June wedding in the Plaza.

This disorder afflicts them until early adulthood, after they both earn established lives. Emma and Liv’s boyfriends then propose, initiating the girls’ lifelong dream and sending them straight-away to an acclaimed wedding planner (Candice Bergen). The wedding organizer assures them two dates are available for a June wedding. However, the wedding planner later calls both ladies to admit a mistake: there’s only one available date in June and both women share it.
Denying the idea of a double wedding, Emma and Liv lose the disorder and commence a cat-fight of snotty proportions.

Guy’s View by Sean McGrady

“Bride Wars” is an attempted comedy, but laughing at its most compelling scenes is impossible: they’re shown in the trailer. Remove the trailer scenes and you have little to laugh about.

It’s a shame, this movie had promise. Aside from a reservoir of potential humor, the fundamentals of the story are well conceived. Emma and Liv have good character arcs: both pursue lives ignorant of their insecurities. They evolve through their character flaws by the end of “Bride Wars,” but the changes are subtle until a saucy baccalaureate party. There’s also a cleverness within main character and side character interactions. The xbox 360 scene, when one fiance tries to ignore the other by playing a video game, gave me a cynical chuckle.

But “Bride Wars” never exploited its capability.

Developers watered the language, preventing any enjoyable bitch behavior. You might grant a giggle when Emma and Liv insult each other, but they never belt your belly with something hilarious.

If dialogue isn’t lukewarm, it proves stale. Emma’s first conflict with her husband is a testament to lazily written, corny conversation. Uncomfortable sentences are thrown around including the Hollywood no-no: “I don’t even know you anymore.” Grinding your ear between two rocks would provide less pain.

“Bride Wars”‘ greatest screw-up is its ending. Instead of letting a story speak for itself, script writers broke consistency to slap an obvious moral onto the ending: true friendship is everlasting.                                                                                                                                                             �
There’s a problem with that. The cliche is too poorly implemented to conclude Emma and Liv’s exaggerated conflict. “Bride Wars” resolves because one bridezilla tackles another and wrestles with her until friendship rekindles. What begins as an attempted comedy ends with an overly emotional confession.                                                                                                                                                               �
Rent “Buying the Cow.” It provides a funny journey and a smooth ending with a quick laugh: everything “Bride Wars” fails to deliver.

Girl’s View by Sarah Polan

For anyone who is well versed in chick flicks and for most who are not, this is one of the most saddening attempts at making a movie directed toward females in the past two years.                                                                                                                                                                       �
It began with the obligatory young female friend bonding moment. We then went suddenly to a random age at which the overly bossy girl and the doormat are both proposed to in the same week. Alas, the wished for wedding location is almost completely booked for the only month that the brides want to get married in.


For the pedagogic viewers who go to the movies to see something new, unusual or educational then don’t waste your money on “Bride Wars.” For the ladies who relish a true chick flick and can quote the “Notebook” and “Titanic” by heart, then by all means do not ruin your excellent track record with “Bride Wars.” However, if you like to chill out with your girlfriends at the movies then talk about it over coffee, this movie is perfect. It was hardly the best light hearted movie I have ever seen but it was clean enough for the entire family, and entertaining enough to hold your attention for the duration.

The decision? If you don’t mind the same gags, acting tricks and plot line again then go ahead and kill some brain cells on a cold snowy Saturday!

About Sarah Polan

Sarah Polan entered New River Community College in the summer of 2008 at age 16 after being homeschooled her entire life. She had already been a member of the Roanoke Times "Edge" staff for two years at that point. Sarah came to New River with the dream of rebuilding the long forgotten school newspaper and with the help and encouragement of Janet Hanks and the IT staff, the online Knight Rider was born. Sarah has served as editor and contributing writer for three semesters and continues to coordinate and produce the e-paper biweekly. She also edits an on-line national publication for the Boy Scouts of America Southern Region Venturing division and will be contributing an article to the nationally published Scouting magazine blog. She has also provided a student blog post to the student organization VA21. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys traveling in search of her dream college which she will transfer to next year.
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