A Fatz Review

First impression and atmosphere: “Where everyone’s a regular.” What? Beautiful stone pillars and elaborately constructed buildings do not match my idea of a typical cafe. Before entering Fatz, I remember wondering, “Am I able to afford this?”

With its luxurious booths, dim lights and tasty smells I began thanking myself for bringing two twenties.

Service: While I was skeptical about the cafe setting, Fatz surprised me with undying compliance.

This is one of the few restaurants that values customer-employee relationships. Employees are so bright with friendliness they’ll sit at your table and discuss anything from old news to odd topics.

It’s odd but fun having entertaining waiters. Imagine discovering that your dentist is also a magician who pulls golden nuggets from cavities. Divide that realization by 2 and you’ll know how I feel.

Food quality: Steaks, salads, French fries, chicken: Fatz’ menus are modern, western but cooked with a unique approach.

Example: I’ve had chicken at several restaurants but never calabash chicken; not Fatz’ calabash chicken. If a burglar stole that recipe, he would be Head C.E.O. of Pepsi in a week’s time.

Another example: Instead of the common, boring yeast rolls steak houses love to drown us with, Fatz prepares deep-fried poppy seed rolls. If these were the only difference between Steak House A and Fatz, I would dine in the latter.

Affordability: You wouldn’t believe how relieved I was when my bill read $13.29. After examining the menu, my eyes really grew. Prices at Fatz average to $13-$16 dollars a meal, not including desert.

That’s on par with Applebee’s!

Interesting note: After any meal in Fatz, you can get for a free coffee. If you’re not a coffee drinker, employees are happy to fetch something else.

Example: Instead of coffee, I once asked for a hot chocolate. Though Fatz didn’t carry hot chocolate, an employee improvised and conjured a home-made batch.

What other restaurants do that?

Overall: If you’re searching for an elite Applebee’s or a cozy place to eat fine food, I recommend Fatz. While its prices match other steak houses, the experience is quite different.

Location: You can find the nearest Fatz Cafe at 4586 Alexander Farm Rd in Dublin, VA. Just go to I-81′s 98th exit/entrance and look for a giant sign with the rich, red letters.

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A fourth semeseter student in NRCC, Sean McGrady is more famously referred to as White-E or "That Guy with the Hair." That Guy with the Hair enjoys reading, writing, discussion and celebrating the invention of underwear.
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