Prepare for Exam Time With Academic Assistance and Retention Services

The end of every semester is a stressful time of exams, projects due and anxious calculations of final grades. The everyday demands of life can pile up, making added schoolwork even more taxing and frustrating. New River Community College offers some services to help ease this stress, improve grades and provide tips to cope with the pressure.

Academic Assistance, located on the lower level of Martin Hall, provides free help with classwork and guidance for those tough assignments. Tutors are available Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm and Director Belinda Nuckols is willing to work with students who can’t manage to get by the office during regular hours. According to Nuckols, students have a terrific resource just waiting to help improve those grades. Her staff consists of professional staff, qualified work-study students, student volunteers and community volunteers who are willing to share their educational and work experiences to assist NRCC students do the best job possible in their classes.

Students are encouraged to make appointments early in the semester to avoid getting too far behind in a difficult subject. A study several years ago indicated that students who kept regular appointments at Academic Assistance were able to improve their average grade in a course by an entire letter. For those who wait until the last minute or need help with one particularly tough assignment, walk-ins are welcome. However, upper level or more specialized classes require an appointment to ensure that a qualified tutor is available.

For exam preparation, Nuckols is contacting teachers regarding organizing study groups where students can help each other with questions under the guidance of an AA tutor. For the list of study group schedules, contact AA after the Thanksgiving break. For personal help to get through exams, call or e-mail Academic Assistance at 674-3664 or The AA website at has lots of helpful information about the services offered as well as useful files and links for various subjects.

If the pressures of school and life are creating problems, consider taking advantage of the variety of help offered by Student Retention Services, located in Godbey 82. Becky Hubble can assist students with finding the right contacts for financial aid, counseling, child care and other immediate needs that can interfere with progress in college courses. Hubble is trained to recognize what resources would help with the particular difficulties a student is facing and help make that connection to resolve the situation. Retention services is dedicated to helping students stay in school and on course with their studies, and Hubble knows about options within the college as well as in the communities that New River Community College serves, to help with nearly any situation. Contact her by email at or by phone at 674-3600 ext. 4209. The web site at is a helpful reference for all students.

The services at Academic Assistance and Retention Services are free and available to all students so make an appointment today.

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