Attention Education Majors

Are you an education major? The financial aid office has a $1000 scholarship for you if you meet some basic eligibility requirements. If you are a Virginia resident, enrolled or planning to enroll in a K-12 teacher preparation program, demonstrate a financial need and meet some basic academic requirements, you may be able to receive up to $1000 towards your continued education. This scholarship was established by the Special Leveraging Educational Partnership to help solve the teacher shortage in specific content areas. If your dream is to teach, call or stop by the financial aid office immediately to pick up an application. You may be $1000 closer to a classroom of your own.

About Pam Linkous

Editor of my high school newspaper back when papers were carved into stone tablets and delivered by oxen, I now spend my days unraveling the mysteries of Blackboard (like, you mean my instructor has my paper NOW...I just accidently pressed enter....oh noooooo) and trying to understand how textbooks today cost more than tuition did when I went to college the first time. Despite needing several more hours per day to get everything done (who do I e-mail, Facebook, blog about that?), I still love to write and am willing to take on assignments that do not require staying up past my bedtime.
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