Lounge Tournaments

The end of October at NRCC was punctuated by intramural tournaments in the lounge. Listed here are the participants and the winners of the billiards, ping-pong, chess and Halo 3 tournaments.



Kent Robertson, Keith Hicks, Konstantin Levin, Matt Wright, Michael Owens, Logan Weddle, Derek Porterfield, Steven Collins, and Scotty Waddell all participated

The winners were:

3rd Place: Konstantin Levin

2nd Place: Keith Hicks

1st Place: Michael Owens



Konstantin Levin, Scott Mullins, Joe Armenta, and Logan Weddle all participated.

The winners were:

3rd Place: Jose Armenta

2nd Place: Scott Mullins

1st Place: Konstantin Levin



Kent Robertson, Jesse Davis, Tim Herzog, Matt Payne, Josh Kirby, Mitiku Gelagai, Logan Weddle, Jason Surratt, Andrew Boone, Jacob McKenna, Dylan Hall, Catherine Williams, Michael Loker, Joshua Thomas, Jose Armenta, and Yared Gedle all participated.

The winners were:

3rd Place: Jason Surratt

2nd Place: Josh Thomas

1st place: Jesse Davis

Halo 3


Andrew Rasschaert, Kevin Hayes, Kent Robertson, Taylor Copenhaver, Jacob Cothran, Jared Havens, Gage Dent, and John Robert Clark all participated.

The winners were:

3rd Place: Gage Dent

2nd Place: Andrew Rasschaert

1st Place: Kevin Hayes

About Emily Polan

Emily is 20 and attends New River Community College in the Forensic Science Program.  She was homeschooled from birth on, but started at NRCC when she was 16. She was on the SGA last year as a senator and enjoyed her tenure very much. This semester she is excited to be the Vice President and complete her goals for the student body.
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