There’s A New Game In Town

In Quantic Dream’s newest title Heavy Rain, they have created a new kind of game for the new decade. The game’s plot line has four characters that become connected due to the actions of a murderer called the Origami killer. It is more of an interactive movie than an actual game, having the player decide on what the character says or does in a certain situation.

The graphics for the game are superb. During loading points, the page goes to a close up view of one of the characters, making you realize how unbelievably real their faces look. Although it can get kind of weird when the characters stop talking and showing emotion and end up having blank faces.

For the controls of the game you use pretty much all of the buttons and they are pretty easy. During action sequences you have to pay very close attention because you never know what kind of button you have to use. Sometimes, though, it gets awkward and frustrating to make the character walk around. I found myself missing action points numerous times because my character walked too far away from an object when I only pressed it forward once.

Heavy Rain is a good game minus some of the negative bits. It is worth checking out for those who would like to take a break from the usual first-person shooters and sports games and try their hands at the interactive drama.

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