The Aftermath

How did you fair after this black Friday? Did you find everything that you were looking for? Did you find things you weren’t looking for? Did your animal instincts come out as you prowled and stalked around your favorite stores at an outrageously early hour?

As for me, I was not as much of a trooper as I thought.  Though I did manage to get up at 3:30 and make it to Target in time to get our prized “big item”.  I found myself feeling unprepared. I neglected to come dressed for the cold weather and forwent my ritual hot cup of coffee. This left me a par below all others!  Target thankfully had thought of us out there in the cold, and to give us the hope we needed came out and provided a free tote bag and map of the store! Incredible!

The reason for only visiting one store on this glory filled day is that our other options became increasingly a waste of time! How is it that Best Buy will only have SIX, count it SIX of each door buster? What have I done to you Best Buy? I thought I was a loyal customer, coming to you when I wanted a good film, coming to you when I needed a new phone cover. Why have you scorned us?

I felt miffed by all of our Department stores this Black Friday. They seem to have forgotten the thrill of the chase, and the great deals that we are all searching for. I’ll be holding out for next year, hoping against all hopes that they get it right.

Here’s to you Target, for holding up your end of the bargain. I’ll be back in 2010.

[All views expressed here are those of the writer and do not reflect the views of The Knight Rider and our affiliated staff, and school organizations.]

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