The Food Bank Needs You

Around this time every year, we start to hear a lot more from the food banks in the area asking us to donate. Why is it that we only think to donate once the holidays comes around? There is a need for food in these food banks year round.
If you are looking to donate food, your local area Food Lion has started selling boxes of pre-packaged food for around five dollars that they take to the local food shelter! They couldn’t be making it any easier for us. There are also businesses around town and churches that are collecting food to be taken to these shelters.
Ask your local Kroger employee, or Food Lion clerk to direct you to the nearest food bank! Pick up a few more cans of vegetables, a few more cans of fruit and donate to a great cause all year long!

Also for NRCC students: The NRCC Black Awareness Association is hosting a on-going non-perishable (canned or boxed) Food drive at the Dublin campus.  There are two decorated boxes: one in the lounge in Martin hall, and one in Godbey Hall near security.  All donations will go toward feeding area people in need during the holidays through the Hensel Eckman YMCA. If you wish to donate,  it will be greatly appreciated.  This drive will be collected on Friday, and again before classes end on December 11.

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