Black Friday Survival Guide

Black Friday is a glorious day for shoppers, we train all year for our one day at hitting all of the most spectacular deals! We pine for a leak in the big businesses letting us know just what we will be able to get. However, there are some survival tips for all Black Friday shoppers. First and foremost, with the recession still nipping at our heels it’s good to set yourself a budget, whether you are hurting for money or not. This gives you some safe guidelines, this being said, you will not be home Friday afternoon wondering how your mortgage or rent payment is going to be made.

Secondly, have a list of all the essential gifts you need. Now, this list does not have to be confined to just the Christmas gifts, let’s include birthdays, anniversaries and any other holiday or occasion that permits gifts.  This is the time to stock up on everything you may need for this year and next. Having your list and white knuckles ready for the cart ride of a lifetime is just another day on the shopping road.

Thirdly, have a game plan. It is absolutely vital to know all sales, where they will be, what time limits are set and whether or not the stores policies mean that they will honor competitor pricing. Knowing every sale and what you need allows you to set a plan of attack. You are able to find all of the things that you needed, perhaps split up into teams and grab all you can!

Lastly, if you can, have a team! It’s hard to be in more than one place at a time and even harder to jet through traffic and catch all of the right parking spaces. Try to condense your shops to as few as possible, or hit them all in the same shopping center. If you know there is a movie and camera you want, try going to Best Buy for both instead of heading the crowds at Wal-mart.

Have fun this Black Friday season, and remember to keep that head on straight ladies and gents, no one got to the top without careful planning and beautiful maneuvering of their chariot aka, the cart.

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