Halloween Fun!

Hippies and Gypsies. Jack Sparrow and a Jabberwocky. Vampires and a Smoking Nun on the Run. No, we were not in a bad movie spoof, we were participating in the NRCC Halloween costume contest 2008! Judged by members of the SGA, three creative costume wearers were awarded Wal-Mart Gift cards for first, second, and third places.

The third place winner Jason Surratt was chosen for his scary vampire costume. The Smoking Nun on the Run played by Keith Hicks, was in second place for pure shock

factor (both are pictured below right with Melissa Kittinger-Surratt). But the winner of the contest, hands down, was our own Jack Sparrow played by E. Taylor Copenhaver! (Pictured at left).
Pumpkin Carving was the next contest to be judged by the SGA. Many pumpkins were entered, but only three could win. It was hard decision, but the winnings were hard earned. Third place was a fabulously cute interpretation of Mickey Mouse created by Heather Pfizer. Second place was given to the creative Ella the Elephant that utilized the stem as a trunk, created by Sarah Polan. All of the pumpkins were amazing, but the SGA had to pick a winner. The winner was a carved design of an alien fetus in the womb of the pumpkin, carved by Steven Jarrells. This design showed an incredible amount of creativity and talent.

The Halloween festivities continued all day, as Max and Dave from Goodtime activities in Grand Rapids, Michigan, gave students airbrushed tattoos. Candy was everywhere! Thanks to Mr. Kramer, for without him, holidays and the lounge would be very boring! The SGA also thanks everyone who participated!

The Pumpkin Contest

The Pumpkin Contest

About Emily Polan

Emily is 20 and attends New River Community College in the Forensic Science Program.  She was homeschooled from birth on, but started at NRCC when she was 16. She was on the SGA last year as a senator and enjoyed her tenure very much. This semester she is excited to be the Vice President and complete her goals for the student body.
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  1. Laura Alley says:

    I’m so glad to see that Ben is making NRCC so fun to be at and that the SGA is still going strong! Pumpkin carving contest seems like so much fun :-D