X/1999 Review

X/1999 is an anime series centered on the nearing of the apocalypse, based off of the book of Revelation. Kamui is a 15 year old high school student who must make a decision that could change the fate of the world; whether to join the Seven Dragons of Heaven or the Seven and save the world as we know it, or join the Seven Dragons of earth or the Seven Angels and destroy the world to rebuild it.

The anime is set in Tokyo, Japan, where 6 other people possessing all different powers meet to fight for the Seven Dragons of Heaven.  Throughout the whole series they protect Kamui hoping he will fight for them, while the Seven Dragons of earth try to con him into joining their side. In the process, Kamui looses those close to him, while he fights to accept his own destiny.

Laced with beautiful artwork, insane fight scenes, love, and sacrifice, X/1999 takes an interesting and incredible take on the traditional coming of age tale.  Even though it is a bit dated, it does not take away from the gripping plot, relatable characters, and mystery of what will happen next. All of this builds up to the final fight between the Seven Dragons of Heaven and the Seven Dragons of Earth, which side will Kamui choose? Watch and find out!

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