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Web browsers:  They are something that almost every student uses at least once a week.  But have you ever thought about the differences between your two browser choices at New River?  What about the other browsers that are available?  Well here is a short review of some of the most popular web browsers available.


Chrome is an interesting web browser that has just joined the browser line-up.  It has more personalization options than most other browsers such as themes and search engine choices.  It is also more modern in it’s over-all appearance and seems to be a bit more sleek.


Firefox is the second most popular browser.  It is loaded onto all of the school’s computers and for good reason.  It is a user friendly browser that has plenty of security and is very compatible with popular websites.


Opera is one of the safest browsers that you can use.  It is not very popular so very few viruses are made to attack it.  It is not as compatible with popular websites as Internet Explorer and Firefox  but it is an excellent choice for security.

Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer which is commonly known as IE is a very plain, very predictable browser.  It is by far the most widely used web browser for NRCC students.  It has more security issues though due to it’s extreme popularity.  It is compatible with nearly every website available on the World Wide Web but it is also very difficult to work with compared to the other browsers.


Safari is a Macintosh web browser that comes standard on every Mac computer.  It is almost as web compatible as Firefox and it tends to be pretty secure.  Safari is different than other browsers so it can take some time to learn how to use it.

About Sarah Polan

Sarah Polan entered New River Community College in the summer of 2008 at age 16 after being homeschooled her entire life. She had already been a member of the Roanoke Times "Edge" staff for two years at that point. Sarah came to New River with the dream of rebuilding the long forgotten school newspaper and with the help and encouragement of Janet Hanks and the IT staff, the online Knight Rider was born. Sarah has served as editor and contributing writer for three semesters and continues to coordinate and produce the e-paper biweekly. She also edits an on-line national publication for the Boy Scouts of America Southern Region Venturing division and will be contributing an article to the nationally published Scouting magazine blog. She has also provided a student blog post to the student organization VA21. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys traveling in search of her dream college which she will transfer to next year.
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