Why Not Teach Life Skills?

In recent years my attention has been more and more drawn to the lack of “real life” education in our high school system. I have a brother that is special needs, who is able to participate in classes that teach him life skills. Classes that revolve around knowing how to spend money, how to understand politics and to work.

Why is it that these classes can not be open to the general public school system? It took me nearly two years to learn how to study AFTER starting college. I struggled with note-taking in my freshman year, fumbling over when I should be listening and when I should be scribbling down every word. I was unprepared when It came to studying for tests, in high school as long as you maintained a good grade with busy work you were golden.

The focus, in my high school at least, was memorizing and spewing out all of the “neccesary” information for the SOL’s. Frankly, I am pretty upset about my lack of training for what was coming next. As a student my high school teachers stressed that college was going to be different, that they were not going to baby us- so why were we being coddled? Why would you create a soft cushiony environment for the high schoolers just to thrust them into the rough and tough world of college.

All that I am trying to get across is that I feel slighted. I attended my four years of high school never taking it seriously because we didn’t have to, and then floundered when my college years came about. Why was I not prepared? Why was the focus on information that had nothing to do with bettering my education, rather showing whether or not the school met guidelines? So I ask again, why not some life skills?

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One Response to Why Not Teach Life Skills?

  1. JW says:

    Well Daniel that’s because college isn’t about education. It’s about jumping hoops. It’s about proving yourself to the greater society like frat boys initiating a civilian by dunking his nuts in ice. It doesn’t really prove anything, it’s just there to maintain an illusion of tradition and ritual. In college’s which teach actual professions like medicine or science, more and more of the garbage we deal with is stripped away but that frat mentaility is still firmly in place. No sir, if you want to learn about life, pick up your sack and do it yourself. We live in a world of instant communication where ignorance is no longer an excuse. You want to learn about politics, crack a wiki or something. You want to learn how to handle your money, go to a bookstore. The world is at your fingertips, don’t wait for a decrepit child molester like the American education system trick you into not doing it for yourself. Consider this Life Lesson No. 1 bub…responsibility is the first step to being an actual person, and it’s not for the weak of stomach. If you can’t take the heat, go join the rest of the herd and get some cud going.