Be Cool, Stay in School

I have a friend who is also a writer, his choice of article this week was bringing back the “Be cool, stay in school”, slogan.

This is so important! How many stupid slogans do we see that don’t really stick? How about- “Don’t be scared, just be prepared!”, or maybe “Only you can prevent forest fires”.  Not to say that you shouldn’t report a forest fire!

Honestly though, school is so very important! I attended a university in West Virginia for two years and completely didn’t care. I wasted time, and loads of money on an education-less experience. And I was the only person I had to thank for that.

At the time I was waiting tables at a Pizza Hut and  thought my job was amazing! I worked with a group full of fun people, it was mindless and I made enough money to get by. Who needed education when I could just work fast food and have good times?

What a mistake, after a year or so of being there I realized that most of the people I was working with didn’t have an opportunity to better themselves through education. Maybe they didn’t want to be here forever. I made a choice then that I needed to leave and start over somewhere else.

I needed to go to school and start caring, to start being serious. It has been so nice to get a test back and not cringe at the thought of a bad grade.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is- don’t take this for granted. Education is a luxury not all can afford.

In the words of Chris Slater- “Be cool, stay in school”

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