VOTE! SGA Elections Thursday and Friday

Exercise your democratic rights and vote in the Student Government Association elections tomorrow and Friday.  You don’t have to leave the comfort of your computer to participate!  Simply log in to Blackboard (even if you do not have any Blackboard classes, you still have an account there as a student) and look on the right side of the screen.  Under the Category “My Organizations” you will find a link to the “NRCC Student Government Association.”  Click there and for two days, it will take you to the “Polling Site” where you can vote for the candidate you feel will best represent your interests.  Information about the candidates is provided to help you make your decision.

Candidates for SGA President:

Kristin Larue is a nursing student and interested in a medical career.  She would like to see the vending machines offer more nutritious items, improve tutoring for students, inform students of the existing programs and services at NRCC, and ensure the smoking areas are used and comfortable for those that smoke.

Matt Saunders is a returning student who plays baseball, and he would like to accomplish a variety of goals set by each elected member of the SGA,  along with feedback from the student body.

Meagan Willis is a former SGA Senator and Secretary who is interested in starting a food and clothing pantry for students in need, and accomplish a variety of goals set by members of the SGA.

Candidates for Vice-President:

Michael Tujillo is a student interested in Theater arts.  He is interested in improving the SGA and see it play a more active, responsive role on campus with the members working together to accomplish goals.

Felicia Hoston is a tutor in academic assistance  who would like to organize a club fair at NRCC, and support the sports and clubs at NRCC through the SGA.  She wants more fun things to do and events  at NRCC for students.

The following offices are unopposed:


Leanna Ramage is a former PTK vice president who is interested in seeing more activities and events for students at NRCC.  She would also like to see the SGA help less fortunate members of the community.


Mitiku Gelagai is an Ethiopian American Student who is interested in a medical career. He worked in Student Activities last year.  He would like the SGA to help solve issues and problems for students at NRCC.


Wesley D. Smith is a student who is interested in medicine.   He is interested in teamwork and solving problems together. He would like to see the SGA respond to student issues and problems with a professional attitude.

There are two senators that will be completing their one year terms during Fall semester.  They are:

Callie Abdewahed and Jason Surratt

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