Farewell For The Summer

Dear NRCC Students,

We are closing out yet another wonderful year of activities, and I hope you have enjoyed NRCC clubs, sports, and special events as much we have enjoyed  planning, supporting, and presenting them to you.  Whatever your plans are for the summer, I hope you will take some time to reflect upon all your accomplishments this year,  and plan to be involved in events and activities for the next academic year.  Please know that I am so very proud of all you have done this year.  This has been a banner year for academic awards and NRCC students have won very prestigious state and national competitions.

This year,  we have also seen the continuance of strong clubs like Phi Beta Lambda and Phi Theta Kappa, the emergence of exciting new clubs like the martial arts club, The Knight Rider online student newspaper, and the women’s volleyball team.  Other clubs once dormant have sprung to life recently  such as the women’s softball team and the black awareness association.

This spring, we have also witnessed incredible improvements to the lounge made possible by our college leadership, including a beautiful stone wall and fireplace.  Audio-visual improvements are taking place now, and will make performances and contests much more exciting and engaging for years to come.  Student Activities will be moving to the new office in a central part of the lounge,  and will have the ability to store cold goods and the sports and seasonal items nearby, making it possible to serve the college better.

I wish you all a fantastic summer,  and if you are graduating, congratulations and best wishes in your plans for the future!  If you are returning to us next year, or this summer,  stop by the lounge to say hello.  We’ll be readying the program for next year, and welcoming the students who need advising and other help. You are the best, NRCC. May you all have a  blessed summer.


Benjamin G. Kramer

Activities Counselor

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