Do Teachers Make A’s?

“I’ve found that my teachers have been really available, and I’m happy that they’re willing, for the most part, to discuss things.”

In a nutshell, Jordan Kime has defined the source of New River’s exceptional experience: its teachers.

Though the teachers serve as professors for a community college and are rarely the targets of public praise, students were quick to compliment their teachers’ abilities.

Timothy Gautier believes his teachers are “very knowledgeable about their subjects” and “willing to help if you’re willing to ask.”

Many students feel this way. In fact, most students avoided saying anything bad about their teachers, often countering questions about problems with compliments or simply responding similar to John Long with “I’ve got no complaints.” Students said that they receive help from teachers with things like transfer advice, career tips, personal research and social issues. The list continued when students like Jimmy McKenna said, “They’ve helped me understand my schoolwork better, and they help with study habits, too.”

However students did suggest few ideas to help the learning experience.

Kristen Fraizier requested, “Get us more involved! Let us interact with other people.” That may be hard in classes with low student interest, like requisites. But it might be the opportunity for inspiration that many students need.

Andrew Anderson, who was thinking of the same issue as Fraizier when he added, “Be more personable: talk with me, not at me.”

He thinks if interactivity between the student and teacher can be improved, it should be. After that though, Anderson was quick to say, “My teachers have been good, though. They’re all pretty helpful.”

Though satisfied with his education at New River, Gautier admitted, “I think time management could be better.” He and a colleague, Andrew White, said that their less difficult assignments were not due for a week, while heavy projects had to be finished in a few days.

The majority of the students’ suggestions revolved around two subjects: interactivity inside the student-teacher relationship and teacher enthusiasm.

Above all things, students suggested more enthusiasm. Josh Burleson stated, “Enthusiasm is key. Nobody will listen to you if you hate your job.” Burleson firmly thought that a student’s ability to excel was inhibited by a dull teacher.

None of these suggestions were put forward as demands, requirements, or critiques; they are merely suggestions. The students interviewed were either content or happy with their experience at NRCC. They simply agree with Burleson’s statement: “There’s always room for improvement.”

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A fourth semeseter student in NRCC, Sean McGrady is more famously referred to as White-E or "That Guy with the Hair." That Guy with the Hair enjoys reading, writing, discussion and celebrating the invention of underwear.
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2 Responses to Do Teachers Make A’s?

  1. Andrew says:

    I think you’ve identified several great things that many of the instructors here already have. I’d say that from my experience here these are some of the great things that students see and love so much they want to see even more of from their instructors!

  2. Spider says:

    Real stand up reporting there…I’m sure the positive feedback you got had NOTHING to do with the fact that a lot of the heads of the degrees of the people you interviewed have a lot to do with this student newspaper. You used their full names in an article which you hoped to get candid responses about teacher quality? What were you expecting? That’s like those primped up suits that come in every month to ‘examine’ our facility and ask questions like ‘what do you think of the facility’ with Jeff Levy hanging over your shoulder! Of course your going to say ‘great!’, because you want to graduate! So far I’ve had a web design teacher who admitted he hadn’t touched a related program in ten years, the head of the 3D Design for Gaming program saying that he’s a gamer because he plays so much Solitaire and designing a sexist Girls Get Gaming program based on stone age gender beliefs, and a game degree that teaches such technology as HeroBuilder and GameMaker! Some of the students in the degree who could have graduated next spring are going to be stuck here for another year because the college didn’t bother to get a new Unreal Engine teacher. If you want the truth, don’t quote names, don’t interview in school, and stop brown nosing teachers who don’t deserve our praise or our money.

    Spider Jerusalem – Unholy God of Truth