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Reasons Behind SGA Resignation

According to Senator Tim Herzog, within a closed meeting held February 19th, Joey Sclafani was forced to resign as President of the SGA because of unethical circumstances. Student Justin Wood stated that he talked to Herzog about Sclafani’s resignation. Herzog “felt cheated by Joey’s tactics and was … Continue reading

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Constitutional Disappointment

There is a problem underlying all problems within our SGA, one which acts as Hydra’s body. The problem is simple but potent: our government confuses its projects with mandatory procedure and ordinary acts of kindness, and then receives payment for … Continue reading

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The SGA Response to Claims By Guest Writer Meagan Willis

As the Student Government Association, it has come to our attention that there are several people who are dissatisfied with the work the SGA does to represent and lead the students of New River Community College. We appreciate the criticism, but in order to make … Continue reading

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The 2009 Grammys

For me, the Grammys have always been a great concert performance opportunity rather than an awards show. Of course, the big winners are usually scheduled to perform anyway, in an act of prescient pre-Grammy fortitude. This year’s show had some … Continue reading

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Bride Wars: A Two View Movie Review

Synopsis: Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Liv (Kate Hudson), two children suffering from Best Friend Forever disorder, attend a wedding during childhood. They both lose speech, awed by the glamor of a wedding. Fascination becomes fantasy when they both cement a dream: have a … Continue reading

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Editorial: Recession Woes Create Vicious Cycle for Community Colleges

Job cuts number in the tens of thousands each week.  Huge businesses file for bankruptcy and close dozens of stores and factories.  The news about the economy was dismal before Christmas and as fourth quarter earnings have been released over … Continue reading

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Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Men?

There is a Christmas song that suggests every day should be just like Christmas that gets me thinking every year. Once you get past the uncomfortable idea of facing presents, icicle lights and rum cake 365 days in a row, … Continue reading

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Monkey Business or Politics?

Imagine watching a debate. There are several people in the discussion; all of them possess strong opinions. Some employ a rational, friendly voice, while their counter-parts are educated monkeys. The monkeys hear, but they do not listen; they talk, but … Continue reading

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Do Teachers Make A’s?

“I’ve found that my teachers have been really available, and I’m happy that they’re willing, for the most part, to discuss things.” In a nutshell, Jordan Kime has defined the source of New River’s exceptional experience: its teachers. Though the … Continue reading

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