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A fourth semeseter student in NRCC, Sean McGrady is more famously referred to as White-E or "That Guy with the Hair." That Guy with the Hair enjoys reading, writing, discussion and celebrating the invention of underwear.

A Fatz Review

First impression and atmosphere: “Where everyone’s a regular.” What? Beautiful stone pillars and elaborately constructed buildings do not match my idea of a typical cafe. Before entering Fatz, I remember wondering, “Am I able to afford this?” With its luxurious … Continue reading

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An Obscured Pursuit of Justice

If a student government does not serve its students, can it be called a government? Plato argued that a politician’s pursuit of justice involves assisting the people, but how is this possible when a government isolates itself from the heart … Continue reading

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Monkey Business or Politics?

Imagine watching a debate. There are several people in the discussion; all of them possess strong opinions. Some employ a rational, friendly voice, while their counter-parts are educated monkeys. The monkeys hear, but they do not listen; they talk, but … Continue reading

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Do Teachers Make A’s?

“I’ve found that my teachers have been really available, and I’m happy that they’re willing, for the most part, to discuss things.” In a nutshell, Jordan Kime has defined the source of New River’s exceptional experience: its teachers. Though the … Continue reading

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