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Mrs. Eaton - Fall 2013
New River Community College
   Last Updated: August 28, 2013

Mrs. Eaton


Contacts & Classmates - Fall 2013

This roster will be updated as I receive your first assignments.

Last updated: August 28, 2013 after About You Assignment

Name Preferred Email Degree ITD 110 PS
Cisneros, Mike ?      
Clemens, Seth skc2973@email.vccs.edu IT Game F12 No
Crockett, Susan skc249@email.vccs.edu IT Mobile S13 Self
Frazier, Justin ?      
Gardner, Andrew unformedpoet@yahoo.com IT Game S13  
Hambly, Jack John.hambly@gmail.com IT Mobile S13 No
Hicks, John Jhn_hcks@yahoo.com CAD Game ? ?
Holston, Leslie lholston8451@email.vccs.edu IT Web F12 No
Hrones, Nick ?      
Lane, Randy ?      
Ondell, Dylan dylanondell@yahoo.com CAD Game N/A No
Thacker, Richard savvybookworm812@gmail.com IT Mobile S13 No

Inactive Students

Name Preferred Email Degree ITD 110 PS



Previous Year's Students

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