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ITD 112 - Mrs. Eaton -- Fall 2010

ITD 112 Designing Web Page Graphics Course Plan - Syllabus

Course Number and Title: ITD 112 - Designing Web Page Graphics
Instructor: Mrs. Carlotta Eaton
Prepared by: Mrs. Carlotta Eaton
Approved by: Dan Lookadoo, Dean (signature on file)

Note: This one page handout is a subset of the course plan. Please see the course web site ( for the complete course plan. 
Last Updated: August 16, 2010

I. Course Description

Explores the creation of digital graphics for use in web page design. Basic design elements such as color and layout will be explored utilizing a computer graphics program(s). Lecture 3 hours per week.

II. Instructional Materials

III. Evaluation

See the Course FAQ page for emergency procedures if you miss an assignment. Grades will be earned according to the following point schedule:
Assignments & Projects = 200 points (using average), Portfolio = 100 points, Photoshop CS5 Certification Exam = 100 points

A = 360-400

B = 320-359

C = 280-319

D = 240-279

F = 0 - 239

Prerequisite Courses

Minimum Pre-requisite Skills and Knowledge

Students are expected to have completed several courses utilizing computers at the high school level before attempting this course. Designing your own graphics and web pages is generally considered an intermediate level computer skill. You should be proficient at the high school level in keyboarding, Windows XP, Email, Web surfing, Word, and Power Point before starting this course. You should have mastered the following pre-requisite skills before attempting this course:

Windows Operating System Skills (BUS 226, CSC 110 or ITE 115)

Office Application and Internet Skills (BUS 226, CSC 110 or ITE 115)

Web Design Skills (ITD 110 Web Page Design I)

IV. Attendance Requirements

Students are expected to maintain regular, consistent attendance. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class. Please let the instructor know in advance if possible if you plan to miss a class.

If you miss a class, you are responsible for getting the missed material. Read the text material, check the web page, or contact a classmate for notes before contacting the professor for missed material. Excessive absences (twice the number of weekly meetings) before the withdrawal date will result in Faculty Initiated Withdrawal. No refund will be applicable.

V. Instructor Location

    Carlotta Eaton
    Office: Mall 110
    Office Hours and Class Hours: See Mrs. Eaton's Office Hours Page
    Phone: 674-3600, Extension 4250
    Email: ceaton @ (Monday - Friday)

VI. Course Content (with tentative schedule)

The course content and schedule are subject to change. Any changes will be announced in class or on the course web site.

Week 1:

Course Information;
Course web site review; Degree Track sheets
Design Book: Chapter 1 - Communication Goals
Photoshop Book: Chapter 1 -Photshop Work Area

Week 2:

Design Book: Chapter 2 - Design Defininition
Photoshop Book: Chapter 2 - Basic Photo Corrections
Week 3:

Design Book: Chapter 3 - Design Elements and Principles
Photoshop Book: Chapter 3 -Working with Selections:
magic wand, lasso, magnetic lasso and other selection tools

Week 4:

Design Book: Chapter 4 - Conceptualization and Planning
Photoshop Book: Chapter 4 - Layer Basics

Week 5:

Design Book: Chapter 5 - Raster Graphics
Photoshop Book: Chapter 5 - Correcting and Enhancing Digital Photographs

Week 6:

Photoshop Book: Chapter 6 Masks & Channels
Photoshop Book: Chapter 7 Typographic Design

Week 7:

Design Book: Chapter 6 - Vector Graphics
Photoshop Book: Chapter 8 Vector Drawing Techniques
Week 8:

Design Book: Chapter 7 - Digital Page Layout for Print
Photoshop Book: Chapter 8 Advanced Compositing

Week 9:

Design Book: Chapter 8 Web Site Design & Development
Photoshop Book: Chapter 11 Painting with the Mixer Brush
Photoshop Book: Chapter 13 Preparing Files for the Web

Week 10:

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Certification Exam
Portfolio Book: 1 - Composite Movie Ad
Week 11:

Portfolio Book: 8 Photo Gallery Web Page
Week 12:

Portfolio Book: 2 - African Wildlife Map
Portfolio Book: 3 - Moonscapes Book Cover
Week 12:

Portfolio Book: 4 - Menu Image Correction
Portfolio Book: 5 - Catalog Cover
Week 13:

Portfolio Book: Advertising Samples or House Painting
Week 14:
Complete Digital Portfolio
Week 15:
Digital Portfolio Presentations

VII. Learning Objectives

    This course teaches professional web design and development process using Adobe web tools and develops four key skill areas:

    The tools utilized in this class are

    1. Adobe Photoshop CS5 (primary tool)
    2. Adobe Fireworks CS5
    3. Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
    4. Adobe Acrobat 9

Students will be provided the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in the following areas:

    1. Describe the design guidelines for Web development
    2. List and define the Principles and Elements of Design
    3. Explain the different visual design methods that can be incorporated into the Web page design process
    4. Explain the various graphic file formats that can be incorporated into a web page.
    5. Create electronic graphic files utilizing tools listed above
    6. Manipulate digital graphic files utilizing tools
    7. Apply special effects to graphic elements utilizing tools
    8. Create advanced features including rollovers, pop-up menus, buttons, icons, and thumbnail galleries using tools
    9. Create animated graphics
    10. Optimize computer graphics and employ slicing techniques for delivery of graphics for a web page
    11. Optimize digital graphic file formats utilizing tools for use in content on the web
    12. Utilize a scanner and/or digital camera to acquire digital images
    13. Incorporate graphics elements into the design of a web page or web site
    14. Create a web site interface using graphic utilizing tools listed above
    15. Create design projects such as print ads, maps, book cover, menus, catalog cover, ad samples, house brochur and photo gallery web page
    16. Knowledge of design certifications such as Adobe ACE and Associate
    17. Students will have opportunity to test for the Adobe Certified Associate in Visual Communications Photoshop CS5

VIII. Instructional Procedures

    The course will consist of lectures, discussions, demonstrations, hands-on exercises, assignments and projects on a variety of topics.

IX. Withdrawal Policy

Student Initiated Withdrawal

Instructor Initiated Withdrawal

Withdrawal from the College

X. Academic Honesty