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Distance Education

Interactive Television Classes

Only Offered Fall and Spring

The following classes will be delivered via the college’s interactive television network between the Dublin campus, the off-campus site at the New River Valley Mall or other remote sites.  Students may enroll and take the class from either the Dublin or the NRCC Mall location. The professors may teach from either location at their discretion.  All TM classes meet at the mall site.  All T1 or T2 classes meet in Edwards Hall, room 120 or 123.   

Classes are taught in a specially equipped classroom called the Interactive Television or ITV room. Students at remote classrooms will view their instructor, presentation materials, and other students through monitors or video projector screens (if there is more than one). Microphones allow instructors and students alike to hear and respond to each other as in traditional classrooms.

Fall 2014 Offerings

ECO 201-T1      Principles of Economics I    
ECO 201-TM     Principles of Economics I 
MKT 100-T1       Principles of Marketing
MKT 100-TM      Principles of Marketing
PSY 200-T1       Principles of Psychology
SOC 200-T1      Principles of Sociology