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Fall 2014 Instructions

Q: Where do I find the assignments?

  • Hands-on Lab assignments will be posted on this page.
  • Lecture Assignments (using Word) are posted on the Lecture Assignments page.
  • Blackboard is NOT used to post assignments nor submit assignments for this course.
  • These due dates are for the M1 section. Ask your instructor for the deadlines for your section.

See more assignment instructions on the Instructions page.

Dublin NXT Robots
Assignment to Submit
Mall EV3 Robots
Assignment to Submit
Lab Day

bullet1 Lab #2 Lego Teams (30 pts)
Teams be prepared to present and demo your lego creations on the due date.

Parts List. How to read parts list is in the Lab #2 instructions.

bullet1 Lab A Lego Teams (30 pts)
Teams be prepared to present and demo your lego creations on the due date.

Parts List. How to read parts list is in the Lab #2 instructions.

Week 1:
F Aug 29

bullet1 Lab #3 Start Lego Mindstorms (40 pts)

PDF fileTeam Roles handout

Lab B The Basics
1. Getting Started
Build the EV3 robot. Use the Lego EV3 book instructions ending on page 46.

PDF fileTeam Roles handout

Week 2:
F Sep 5

bullet1 Lab #4 Full Speed Ahead (30 pts)
Project 1

Note: Worksheet for project is inside Robotics Project.

Lab 1 Moving Straight
1. Big Ideas
2. Using the Software
3. Moving Straight - Sensabot Challenge

Word doc Good example Lab documentation by Cody Moler. Please follow this example.

Week 3:
F Sep 12
bullet1 Lab #5 Right Face (30 pts)
Project 2
Lab 2 Turning (Motors, Move Steering)
-- Orchard Challenge
Week 4:
F Sep 19

bullet1 Lab #6 Clap On, Clap Off (30 pts)
Project 3

Worksheet for project
PDF fileLab 6 Quiz


Lab 3 Move Until Touch (Touch Sensor)
-- Arm Position Challenge

Week 5:
F Sep 26

bullet1 Lab #7 Follow the Guidelines (30 pts)
Project 4

Worksheet for project
PDF fileLab 7 Quiz

Lab 4 Move Until Near (Ultrasonic Sensor)
-- Maze Challenge

Week 6:
F Oct 3

bullet1 Lab #8 Obstacle Detection (45 pts)
Project 5

Worksheet for project
PDF file Lab 8 Quiz

Lab 5 Turn for Angle (Gyro Sensor)
-- Mower Challenge


Week 7:
F Oct 10

Fall Break

Wednesday October 15 - Friday Oct 17  

bullet1 Lab #11 Get in Gear (50 pts)

Worksheet for project
PDF file Lab 11 Quiz

Lab 6 Move Until Color (Color Sensor)
-- Traffic Lights Challenge
Week 8:
F Oct 24

Lab #12 Team Lego Project.

  • Check with your instructor to ensure your project is complicated enough to qualify as a project.
  • Demo your project at the BEGINNING of class on the due date. Submit documentation including team members, who did what, web site resources etc.
  • Use the many Lego robotics web sites as inspiration for your project.

Pack up Lego Kits. After you present your robot to the entire class, take apart your robots and store all parts neatly in bin or tackle box.

web site See video of several Lego robots solve a Rubik's Cube.

Lab 7 Loops (Patterns of Behavior)
-- Container Handling Challenge
Week 9:
F Oct 31

Prepare for First Lesson in Python

  • Go to the Resources page and download the data files. Follow the instructions.
  • Go to the Resouces page and download the JES Python software for your home computer.
  • Read Chapter 2.
  • Open JES. Try all the commands in the command area from pages 21 - 30.
  • Create and save all the programs 1 - 8 as program1.pv etc in your CSC200/Python/Chapter2 folder
bullet1 #2 Quick Easy Programs Assignment
Word doc Chapter 2 Summary (3rd Edition)

Lab 8 Switches (Conditional Reasoning)
-- Strawberry Plant Challenge

Week 10:
F Nov 7
bullet1 #3 Photoshop type Programs Assignment
Word doc Chapter 3 Summary (3rd Edition)

Lab 9 Switch-Loops (Obstacle Detection)
-- Obstacle Orchard Challenge

Week 11:
F Nov 14

bullet1 #4 Modifying Pixels in a Range
IMPORTANT: #4.1, #4.2A, and #4.7 due Friday Apr 25.

Word doc Chapter 4 Learning Guide (3rd Edition)

Note: The following programs are saved as .txt files so that you can easily download them. Save as .py files when you download them.

JES ProgramProgram 30-31 Mod by Eaton
(Creates a 2x2 collage)
2x2 Collage

JES ProgramProgram 34 Mod2 by Eaton
(Scales down/smaller entire file not just Barb's face)

JES ProgramProgram 35 Mod by Eaton
(Scales up/bigger entire file not just Barb's face)

Create an Andy Warhol type picture of yourself using the Chapter 4 techniques.

Warhohl Monroe

Lab 10 Line Follower (Color Sensor)
-- Follow the Track
Note to Instructors: Need to design a track



Week 12:
F Nov 21

Thanksgiving Break

Monday Nov 24 - Friday Nov 28  
Continue Chapter 4 (See Week 12 for details)
Lab 11 Final Challenge
-- Search and Rescue Challenge
Week 13:
F Dec 5

bullet1 #9 Adventure Game Programs
Word doc Chapter 9 Study Guide

Demo Final Robot
Pack up Robot Kits
Week 14:
F Dec 12
Final Exams Check with your instructor to determine your exam time. Week 15:

In the News

Mont Co

TORC Robotics to expand Blacksburg headquarters and R&D facility 

Montgomery County, Virginia - TORC Robotics, LLC (TORCĀ®), a leader in robotic autonomous vehicle solutions, today announced it will expand its corporate headquarters in Montgomery County. The company, currently located in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, will be expanding into a new $2.5 million research and development facility in Phase V of Blacksburg Industrial Park. TORC anticipates creating eight new jobs through the expansion.

Read more at  


Ted Talks - The New Bionics that let us run, climb and dance

More Python Assignments if Needed

TBD (50 pts) Final Python Team Project - Python. Check with your instructor to ensure your project is complicated enough to qualify as a project. Your team determines research needed by the project you select



bullet1#6 Sound Programs
Word doc Chapter 6 Study Guide
Python Chapter 6 Modifying Sounds Using Loops Optional
TBD bullet1 #5 Chromakey and Drawing Programs
Word doc Chapter 5 Study Guide
Python Chapter 5 Advanced Picture Techniques Optional

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