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2011-2012 Poetry

“Sunrise in the Blue Ridge”
By Darlene Himes

A sliver of light orange
outlining the horizon
pushes away the deep indigo,
last remnant of night.

The brightness encroaches,
increasing its territory
and changing hue
to a washed-out beige-orange,
backlighting silhouettes
of the naked trees.

The upside down sky bowl
colors from washed-out beige
to the light sky blue of early morning,
strewn with scattered clouds
of light and dark gray.

The clouds hovering above the place
where the bright sky ball will emerge
are brushed with hues of brilliant rose beneath
and dusky lavender  on top.

In a continual dance of transformation,
the rose takes more
and lavender gives way,
as in the subtle turning
of a kaleidoscope.

The heavens above
slowly evolve to a daytime blue
and the first rays of sunlight
spill onto the rust-colored leaves
of trees blanketing
the surrounding mountains,
illuminated before the celestial orb
emerges above the horizon.

Sol finally makes a grand entrance,
waking from his slumber,
first peeking over the skyline
and then bathing all creation
with a luminescent embrace –
the birth of a new day.