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2011-2012 Poetry

“Albums of the Past”
By Ted Bolling

Oh the value of album purchases past,
The thrill of the purchase certainly did not last.
They found homes in boxes and bins in stacks
All ordered neatly without the use of storage racks
They sat and collected dust for many a year,
Until one night I had a great idea:

I'll trade these in at FYE for credit,
Then get awesome movies without debit!

I went to the store and showed them my haul.
In perfect condition and neither scratch nor mar.
Would send these albums back to my car.
The next thing to do was browse the movie wall.

Look at all the movies that cover the aisles!
There are so many titles, colors, and styles!

I went down the aisles alphabetically neat.
I found movies galore; a most wondrous treat.
I picked up two that credit allowed me to get.
The transaction took place and out the door I was set.

Album value transcends all time and all space,
Well maybe not but at least with movies I could replace.

“Glue” By Tyler Pearce
By Kate Truxel

I still keep a picture of you upon my shelf
Sitting next to a single slice of burnt toast
Cause I can’t figure out for the life of me
Which one I loathe the most
But you know I’m lying
I really do miss you baby
You know that it’s true
Wish you were here right now with me
Stuck like glue

“The Traveler”
By Tyler Pearce

Weary traveler, along this road
Try to see further, than your eyes will go
If you bring him meaning to the word alive,
He'll live that way for the rest of his life
Change a man, to make him stronger
He'll feel it now throughout his bones
I’m giving up, I can see the water
I’m giving up, I can see no farther

By Sarah Bakos

Fall blindly rushes in
She's fat on color and
slaps her red and orange across my face.
All summer long she slept.
Now she awakens to thievery,
stealing the green and the blossom.
Her embrace is skinny and chilling.
She rattles my bones like the
bare branches she's left behind
It's June and the sun
is hanging high in deep blue.
I want to do something dangerous.
Step out in to color
smear across a photo.
You seem content
lugging yourself through your box,
lounging in your routine.
I want to take aim
be swallowed up
smother myself with the new.
But you, you casually dismiss life
afraid of its sweet and terrible changes.