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2011-2012 Fiction

"Agent Zillion"
By Gerrod Kinnie

The alarm rang loud as Zillion sprinted down the hallway with his wife and cohort in tow.
The two hide behind a stack of orange polymer crates hidden in the hangar. Zillion pressed the button on Bluetooth headset, “Faces come in.”

 “Faces, loud and clear! Me an’ Semper just made it back to the truck. What is your position?”

“Me and Sekhmet are in a hangar south of your position. We have the package. Repeat.  We have the package. What’s the E.T.A*?”

“Five minutes, but for you I’ll make it two.”

 Zillion cracked a grin and looked over at his wife Sekhmet, “Bravo Zulu*. Don’t keep us waiting.”  Zillion replied as he pulled a zip drive from his pocket and handed it to Sekhmet with a devilish grin.

 Sekhmet took the drive from Zillion and placed it in a pouch connected to her harness. She saw the way Zillion was looking at her and said, “What?”

 “You look hot in that little skin tight sneak suite.” He answered. “Mind if I help you out of it?”
He says in a joking manner. “Ewww.”  Sekhmet responds. “At least wait until we get back to Mount Weather* and take a shower.” She paused for a second then said, “Half of his face? You only shot off half of Rothlesberger’s face.”

 “Well maybe next time he’ll learn to shut the hell up, instead of giving a speech at an abandoned military base in the winter in Post-Cold War Russia.”

 “Well I would’ve put one in his…

“Freeze!” A Russian soldier dressed in black interrupts as two more shock troopers assist him. “We have them in the south hangar. Awaiting further instructions.” Before the shock trooper could receive his instructions Zillion quickly pushes the assault rifle away from him and toward one of his own troopers causing him to accidently gun down one of his own men; he then throws a chop to the soldiers arm causing him to turn the firing weapon up towards his face. Sekhmet  grabs the assault rifle of the remaining soldier, throws a head-butt, and disarms the man; then swings the rifle like a baseball bat towards his knee and proceeds to finish him off with an overhand swing that would make a lumberjack feel proud. But no sooner than they took out the three shock troopers, more flooded in with guns blazing. Zillion and Sekhmet fire back, but for every one soldier they gun down, three more seemingly took his place. Things were looking grim for the two until an explosion blew open the hangar door and a truck outfitted with a rocket launcher came in.

“Sekhmet, get to the truck, I’ll cover ya!” Zillion bellowed as he gunned down more soldiers. Sekhmet made it to the truck in time to see her husband and cohort get shot in the back by a sniper.

“NOOOOO!” She screams as Semper and Faces try to keep her from leaving the truck. “Forget it, he’s had it!” yelled Semper as he drops his head. “Faces, get us outta here!”

During the aftermath of the fight, Zillion was trying to crawl out of the pool of blood his body had made toward a rifle, only to be stopped by a woman in fatigues wearing a leather jacket with black hair that had a single red highlight. “You Com-12 dudes are a riot.” She says standing over him holding an LR2A*.

A man holding what was the right side of  his face staggers  into the hangar being held up by a man in a Russian military dress uniform. “Zillion… he says in a raspy, coarse voice. “Do you even know what the word “zillion” means? It’s a non-existing number.” He says while trying to keep himself from feeling further pain. “Since your name implies you’re a non-existing number, then maybe you should live in a world with the other non-existing numbers.”

“But Mr. Rothlesberger, he’s about to die any minute now. How are you going to put a dead man in a society with normal people?” asked the woman. “Ruby, this bastard doesn’t die until I say! I’m sure Weizenheimer is looking for a subject for his experiments, living or dead! Pavel, have the Air Force drop a FOAB* on this area, no one is to know about what happened here.”

Meanwhile, at an airbase miles away from the old Russian military base, Sekhmet is distraught by what happened. “We have to go back! Let me go! We have to go baaaaack!”

 “I’m sorry, Sekhmet. Maybe Kane can….” but before Faces can finish his sentence, he is interrupted by a jarring tremor and  the sight of an explosion in the direction where the old Russian military base used to be.

Semper presses the button on his Bluetooth headset and says in a grim voice, “Kane, Zillion has been KIA.”              

E.T.A- Estimated time of arrival
Bravo Zulu- Military term for “highest praise”
Mount Weather- an underground city conspiracy theorists speculate is located underneath a mountain in VA.
LR2A- a 12.7 mm sniper rifle used by the Chinese army.
FOAB- Father of all bombs, the Russian equivalent to the US MOAB (Mother of all bombs), contains an unspecified ton of semtex and produces an explosion the equivalent of a hydrogen bomb.