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2011-2012 Fiction

"A Slice of Jackie Collins"
By Victoria Moran

“Thank you bitches soooo much for throwing me a bachelorette party in the best freakin’ city everrrrrr, VEGAS BABY!!!!!”

“You are so welcome Ann, you definitely deserve a great party” Brittany shrieked. “We better run to catch the elevator. HEY! Hold the door please!”

To all of the girls surprise a very sexy man was on the other side of the door. He seemed to tower over the girls in their six inch stilettos with his full head of dark brown hair cut similar to Ashton Kutcher but ten times better looking. His chestnut eyes would take your breath away if his full luscious lips didn’t mesmerize you first. He was dressed very business savvy with a navy Versace suit, along with a white shirt under the jacket that had the top few buttons undone.

His chestnut eyes locked with Ann’s baby blues and an immediate spark lit up. The girls shuffled into the elevator and Ann just so happened to end up standing next to Mr. Business man.

“What brings you ladies to Las Vegas?” he asked, while trying to ease the building tension in the tight elevator space.

“Our friend Ann is getting married in two weeks!”

“That’s awesome, which one is Ann?”

“She’s the one standing next to you,” and as those words were spilling out of her mouth, Ann’s hand discretely grazed over Mr. Business’s package. To her surprise she liked what she felt and the thought of a one night stand quickly crossed her mind.

He tried to play it cool like it wasn’t anything for his package to have been a little rough handled, after all he was from New York where people were groped on the subway every day. He tried to change the subject and asked, “Are you ladies heading out tonight since you all look so lovely?”

“Aw, thanks. We’re hitting up the clubs down the strip! You’re more than welcome to join us if you think you can keep up,” Ann flirted. She liked what she felt and she wanted to see if Mr. Business would be able to use it to his full advantage.

Her friends continued to chat with him about Vegas and how there is always something to do, but Ann began to daydream, forgetting her fiancé back home. She knew the night was going to get crazy since her millionaire girlfriends bought the VIP section in Club 419 West. If Mr. Business was to tag along and shots were flowing things could go just the way she wanted them to. She wanted her naked body pressed up against his chiseled abs glistening with sweat while Usher booms on the dance floor. He would make her feel like she had never felt before and she would try not to let him know....

DING! The elevator had reached its destination and broke her daydream making the last thing she heard walking off the elevator was Mr. Business saying, “Can’t wait to see you ladies tonight at the club!” Had she missed out on the entire conversation just to catch the end of  would ultimately be the beginning of her fantasy?

“Did any of you guys catch his name? I was too busy thinkin’ bout how much fun were gonna have tonight,” Ann casually asked.

“Yea, his name is Jay, Jay Diamond I think is what he said. From New York and what I gathered his daddy has billions and he’s not doing too shabby for himself either.”

“Damn, good looking and has money! Glad you ladies brought me to Vegas before my wedding, totally making me reconsider this shit.”