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2011-2012 Authors

Writing is like going to…

“…a place where every person plays a major role in the grand scheme of things no matter how big or small his or her contributions may be.”

“…a secluded mountain top, where one can sit, ponder, and reflect on what he/she is writing. All thoughts and ideas laid out before them like a valley below them. The ultimate goal being some piece of literary accomplishment, or personal joy backlights the entire scene like the setting sun. It gives one a sense of total isolation and connectedness to everything simultaneously. The little crosscurrents and passing thoughts decorate the landscape like trees and hold just as much life.”

“Writing is like going to a moonwalking competition; there are way too many people just sliding their feet backwards on the floor.”

“You can release and make sense of all the thoughts and feelings floating around inside your head...and it’s free.”

“Writing is much like driving your car. Both have any number of possible outcomes. Either can be terrible, or great, depending on your outlook.”

“…your own world. You create everything that goes on. Breathing life into the atmosphere and the characters that inhabit your world. You can feel their struggles and triumphs. Cry with them when they are sad, and cheer for them when they succeed. Watch as they grow with your imagination and in wonder as they take a life of their own; making decisions and the story in their own ways without even expecting it.”

“Writing is like going to the beach.  It is relaxing and brings peace to my mind.  Writing and going to the beach both help me to relieve stress, and feel more in tune with the world.  It also reminds me how small we are in this big world.”

“Writing is like going to the movies. It's exciting and such a rush where everything just stops...”

“Writing is like going to a faraway place where you have never been before. There are so many things you want to explore, but you can't explore everything all in one day.”

“Writing is like going to see a Psychologist.  You can express yourself freely, and unless you share it with someone else it will always stay private.”

“Writing is like going out to a sunny field on a mid-Fall day when the leaves haven't even fallen yet.  There's a distinct smell in the air that brings up warm memories.  You can sit out and enjoy the weather and relax, pushing other problems aside.  The freedom to let go and experience your inner self is a luxury we all take to for granted.  It's like a second life world where you have control.  When writing it's not only speaking your thoughts, it's feeling them.”

 “…a world that you have created where anything your heart desires can happen.”

“Writing is like going to eat with friends. You may know how it’s going to start out but you never know how it's going to end or where it'll end up going.”

“Writing is like going to the ocean.  Some days the words come like crashing waves and it is hard to type or write fast enough to capture them.  Other days the words gently flow in, like waves gently caressing the beach on a calm, gentle-breeze day.  And, there are those days where the words don't want to come at all, like a still (or rather, almost still) ocean where you have to jump in and stir up the water yourself.”

“Writing is like going wherever you want, however you want to get there and doing what you feel is right. Writing is like going back to your childhood where what you "pretended" then has now become a reality.”

“…the skate park; it's where you find your strengths and weaknesses, but where you can always improve or add more.”

“Writing is like going to ride a roller coaster. It may start off slow, may have a lot of ups and downs in the middle, and at the end it was all worth it.”

“Writing is like going to the coffee house during a snow storm.  Warm, cozy and delicious.”

“…a movie theatre... you choose one that you know well, that has good seats, that is cheap, that has good snacks, and how clean the floors are. You also choose it based on what films are being shown; is it an action, drama, romantic comedy, or something else? In writing you choose what kind of genre you want to go with, what it’s going to be about, what the mood is going to be like, what kind of "treats" are in store, and how easy your message is.”

“Writing is like going to... the movies, sometimes good ideas show up and sometimes they don't.”

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