Saturday, October 31, 2015

10 a.m.-4 p.m. in Edwards Hall, Room 117


New River Community College Comic-Con 2015

The NRCC Comic-Con will be held at New River Community College in Dublin, VA on Saturday, October 31, 2015 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The guests and dealers will be in Edwards Hall, Room 117. Exhibitions, displays and demonstrations will be held in the Student Lounge in Martin Hall. Children can wear Halloween costumes and cosplayers are invited to come as their favorite comic book, sci-fi, fantasy or horror characters. Admission is free, so, come for a few hours or the whole day. Interesting panel discussions are scheduled throughout the day. Meet comic book artists/writers and authors of science fiction, fantasy and horror. If you've never been to a comic book convention, here's your chance! The library wants to promote reading, creativity and the fun of comic books. Join in on the fun here in the New River Valley.

Wear Your Costume

*family friendly*


Dan Delby

Astronomical Comics. Author/Artist of over 30 short stories, more than 15 comic books, two graphic novels and an audiodrama to his credit.

Shannon Houff

Author of Summer Sacrifices and From the Files of the Department of the Arcane

Dionysis Metalcult

Musician, Comic book creator

Jimmy “Boogie Woogie Man” Valiant

Former World Wide Wrestling Federation Pro

Brian “Magnet Man”

Jimmy Valiant’s Facebook page manager, cartoonist

John Rose

Current artist on King Feature’s comic strip, “Snuffy Smith”

Kirk Carter

Comic book artist

Zach Wray

Roanoke Gaming

Jenn DePaola

Artist of Portraits and Pin-Ups; “Star Wars” sketch card set, “Mars Attacks” sketch card set for Topps; Viceroy Card Company and Asylum Studios.

Josh Ginter


Kim Headlee

Author of the Dragon’s Dove Chronicle series, Color of Vengence, Liberty, etc.

Crafty Sorceress


Micah Acord

Comic Book Artist

Travis Sivart

Writer and Publisher of Science Fiction, Steampunk, Horror and Fiction in the forms of Poetry, Short Stories and Novels. Also Cosplayer.

501st Legion/Vader’s Fist

International Star Wars Cosplay organization

Gary Kwapisz

Artist on Marvel’s Conan the Barbarian, Civil War Adventure 1 and 2 graphic novels and ERB’s “Pellucidar” online comic strip

Glen Richardson

Comic book creator of “Sgt. Sasquatch”

Tiffany Trent

Author of the Hallowmere series, The Unnaturalists and The Tinker King

Lee Davis

Comics Artist and Photographer

Kevin Sharpe

Penciller/Colorist for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dynamite, IDW, Crossgen and Upper Deck Cards.

Loren Bobbitt

Freelance Trading Card Artist. Worked on Marvel Now! And Thor: The Dark World Card series.

Stanley Galloway

English Professor at Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, VA. Author of “Teenage Tarzan” and Burroughs Bibliophiles member.

Ted McKosky

Retired Professor of Theater Arts and Cinema from Radford University, Radford, VA. and Burroughs Bibliophiles member.

Scott McDarmont

English Instructor at Radford College, Radford, VA. Scott teaches a course on superheroes and Ethics as part of the Core Program. He has long used graphic novels in his classes, as well as, some of his colleagues.

Kenny Keen

Comic Book Artist, Comic Books and Prints

Vendetta Comics

Original Artwork and Self-Published Comics


They will be giving away small promotional items during the day, along with hourly special giveaways. They will also have a Scream Queens photo stand.

NRCC Fine Arts Club

They will be selling Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and drinks to raise money for a trip to Portugal and Spain.

NRCC Phi Theta Kappa

They will be selling water outside of Edwards 117. Please support this organization.


Pixel Freak

Bridget Muncy

Hook’in Around

Valerie Gayle

Dollar Comics

Tim Price

Drunken Trog Studios

Michael Melton and Tamara Quinn

Rob’s Attic

Rob Quesenberry
Silver, bronze and modern age comic books.

Carl and Deborah Bryant

Monster magazines from the 60s and 70s and 1st issue comics.

Danner’s Comics

Danner Rash
Comics, toys, original art and dolls.

Rick Fortenberry

Comic Books, Comic Books, Comic Books!

Chief’s Comics and Collectibles

Roger and Annette Davis

When Toys Were Fun

Michelle Freshwater

Toys, Toys, Toys!

Frank’s Cool Stuff

Frank Brevard
Anime and Asian Cinema DVDs, Anime Toys, Model Kits and related merchandise.


Tammy and Elmer Rousch

Alum Ridge Industries

Roger Mannon
Comic Books and Pop Culture Collectibles

Vintage Investments

Larry Clevinger
Vintage Comics and Toys

B & D Comic Shop

Comics, Figures and Graphic Novels

Crystal’s Custom Creightions

Voodoo Dolls & Boxes, Zombie Babies, Devil Babies, Witch Potions, etc.

Arch Villain Comics

Comics and Toys


Comic Books, Magazines, Toys and Collectibles.

Critical Hit Creations

David Guynn
Toys, Games, Jewelry, Comics, 8 Bit Art

Stefan’s Moonrise Kingdom

Lance Porter
Comic Art Coasters
Location: Martin Hall

Earthbound Designs

John Ramsey
Custom Wood Burnings
Location: Martin Hall


Derek Johnston
Bead Designed Hats
Location: Martin Hall

Robert T. Holley

Pearled Bead Art, Jewelry
Location: Martin Hall

Linda and Taylor Stoneking

Lanyards, Keychains, Hairbows, Rice Bags, Drawn Trading Cards
Location: Martin Hall

Thai This Food Truck

Thai and American cuisine
Location: Outside of Edwards Hall